Late Night Pwn - Episode #3
As many have been requesting a L4D Frustian Ladder, we want to see how active the teams still are and check out if your up for some action! If this cup is a success, we will run an opening cup before the ladder kick off! Read the news for more information!

L4D Revival Cup

Before we start a new L4D ladder seeing that there are only 15 teams left in the old ladder, we need to check out your activity and interest left for L4D and the ESL.
If all goes well, we will run an Opening Cup and shortly after the frustian only ladder will start!

So wake up your team mates, ready your Shotty, load your Uzi and sign up for this kick-ass Rotoblin Frustian Cup! If you don´t have Rotoblin Frustian installed on your server or you have no idea what i am talking about, then follow this link to the rotoblin project page or download the rotoblin-0.5.0.zip and check out the installation instruction.

Please remember that if you sign up, you also need to checkin 30 to 20 minutes before the cup starts. If not, you may lose your spot to another team! The matches are played on three consecutive maps shown in the match sheet as there is only 1 hour time for each match to be played. The 3rd Late Night Pwn tourney starts friday the 16th. Please be sure to check the timetables below to be sure you checkin and are ready in time. If you have questions or problems please join IRC #esl.l4d or #esl.l4d2 to contact the admin team.

Sign up now!

Left 4 Dead 2 Late Night Pwn #3 - L4D Revival Cup
Cupdetails Game Mode: Versus Rotoblin Frustian Config
Participants: 16
Cup Structure: Single Elimination
Signup opens at: 10/04/10 01:00
Checkin start: 16/04/10 18:30
Checkin end: 16/04/10 18:40
Cup start: 16/04/10 19:00

Round 1 Friday, 16/04/10 19:00 - No Mercy (1-3)
Round 2 Friday, 16/04/10 20:00 - Dead Air (1-3)
Round 3 Friday, 16/04/10 21:00 - Blood Harvest (1-3)
Final Friday, 16/04/10 22:00 - Death Toll (1-3)

Restrictions & Rules
Residence Europe
GameaccountSteamID L4D (4 players minimum)
ShorthandleTeams must have an abbreviation / short name / tag entered
Logo A team logo must be uploaded
ContactICQ / IRC
Rules have been accepted

A screenshot showing the final score is mandatory and must be uploaded to the matchsheet (match media). One team uploading the screenshot is enough, but if the screenshot is missing, then both teams are responsible.
Every player must record complete replays/demos during the match (Guide). The demos are to be kept for at least 14 days and must be presented to the admin at request. Console command: record DEMONAME
A screenshot showing the Sourcemod Plugin List is mandatory and must be uploaded to the matchsheet (match media). Console command: sm plugins list (Using any other commands will result in invalid screenshots!)
The "status" screenshot, showing the SteamIDs of the performing players, however is optional (mandatory in case of a protest e.g. faking suspicion). Console command: status

What are the prizes?

Late Night Pwn #3

   1st 4 x 1 month

Feedback & Support

We would like to see your feedback and questions in our Forum. You can also visit us in our IRC Channel #esl.l4d (QuakeNet) or you can write a Support Ticket.

Best wishes,

your Staff Europe
Felerian01, Sunday, 11/04/10 22:34
Left 4 Dead 4on4 Late Night Pwn #3
L4D league description
L4D rules
Rules Update for Events
rotoblin - Project Hosting
comments (11)
3 charger + 1 jokey GO !
but i dont got a team :'(
Nice, good news for the Left 4 Dead.
GJ Felerian01
4 hours to start 20 teams...
4 dont get to play?
Get ready for the fast chekin ^^
1 edits
we cant play anyway :( just heard that two players are busy today, lol
there would be many teams, but not everybody got time today !
19:00 go?
It's starting in asec
what are we waiting for?
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