Late Night Duel Masters Weekly #7
Late-Night Duel Masters Cup #7, that is all.

"The dark side? I've been there. Do your worst.
― Kyle Katarn

Tonight's map: Duel Arena

We introduce the 7th Weekly that intends for players to compete for a spot in the Hall of Fame.
The Champions of the duel-grounds will face eachother every Sunday of the week. Different custom map per Weekly, live admin support and fast-paced fighting rounds.
Use the Support Ticket function to suggest custom maps for the Poll every week before Friday Midnight and maybe your opponents will come visit you on it!

We, the Admin Staff, welcomes your opinion on these choices!

Weekly Cup - Late Night Duel Masters

Late Night Duel Masters Weekly

Sign Up!

Sign-up starts: 05.02.12 18:30
1 Sign-up ends: 05.02.12 19:30

Duration: 20:00 till 22:00
Slots: 16
Head-Admin: Abaddon
Modus: 1on1 Saber Only - Best of three
Requirements: Contact info and general knowledge of the 1on1 rules
Support: IRC and Support

Server Settings: Timelimit 10, Fraglimit 10

Sabers allowed: All

Matchmedia: Scoreboards both rounds and rcon status screenshots

Overtime: Golden frag when its a draw after 10 minutes of the 3rd round

Sign Up
End of registration
Round 1
Best of 3
Round 2
Best of 3
Round 3
Best of 3
Best of 3

Default wins and Map choice

1You got 40 minutes to play your match. After that, a random default win will be given unless one of two players has clearly been trying to get the match played.

1The Duel Masters Weekly will feature a different custom 1on1 map every week.

1The maps for tonight will be default.

Check-in System

For this cup we use the check-in system. That means after you signed-up, you have to check-in 30 minutes before the cup official starts. This is to prevent default wins. Just go the the cups main page, and click "check-in". This is possible from 05.02.12 19:30 untill 05.02.12 19:50

Fast and every week!

1We intend to make this cup small and fast, therefor anyone who decides to sign-up and does not participate will be banned for his/her next cup.

4The Duel Master Weekly will repeat itself every Sunday allowing players to compete for the ranking in the Hall of Fame.

Custom Map Voting and Sportsmanship

4 Use the Support Ticket function to propose custom maps for the Poll every week before Friday midnight and maybe your opponents will visit you on your prefered fighting ground!1 During this cup admin Abaddon will be on the servers to check on the live matches to go smoothly. The idea is to make all rounds go smooth, fast and fair. Hopefully this will also prevent the possibility of round delay due to protests.

The admin team wishes you good luck and lots of fun!

Your Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – Admin Team

  Dureal Noctis ToasteR. afiNity Spike
Abaddon, Sunday, 05/02/12 18:34
Tournament Tree
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3 Servers with the Duel Arena map installed:

team7Lives:;password esl

inv1sion: pw inv1sion

toastyzone;password esl


If you have questions add my xfire or find me on any of these 3 servers.
As usually; you might have to wait for other participants to finish their match - please be patient just like everyone else.

Have fun!
why is that jedi male using arbiter hilt(in the picture)?
, pps for him!
Demigod wrote:
why is that jedi male using arbiter hilt(in the picture)?
, pps for him!

That's Jaden, he can do whatever he want.
noob admins hurry up with the winner news
:D yehaaa
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