Winter Cup 2011/2012
Winter time is upon us and accompanied by a frosty chill, a new cup awaits the best of the best from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy to celebrate the end of the year with a thrilling saber battle.

An icy coldness, growing fear
Finally... the time was near
From everywhere, they all came here
Lightsaber in hand, their mind was clear

Marching through endless fields of snow
With highest courage, all ready to go
With many ways to guess and know
How they could kill with each single blow

And all across the chosen land
The year and many lives shall end

Welcome to the Winter Cup 2011/2012!

// Dureal

Cup Details

Winter Cup 2011/2012 3on3 Saber

Sign up!

Sign-up: until 22/12/11
Start: 23/12/11 18:00
Size: 16 Teams
Structure: Double Elimination


Maps: Bespin Streets (ffa_bespin)
Conquest of Byss (ffa_bonus3)
Gas Mine (ffa_bonus1)
Korriban Campgrounds (ffa_campgrounds)
Korriban Tombs (mp_ffa2)
Ord Mantell Canyon (ffa_bonus4)
Rift Sanctuary (mp_ffa4)
Taspir (mp_ffa5)
Tatooine City (mp_ffa3)
The Fortress (ffa_bonus2)
Mode: Best of 3
Matchmedia: IP-Shot, Scoreboard
Demos: Upload on request

New player guide:

Register a new ESL account
Add your contact data (MSN, ICQ, etc.)
Add a team logo
Read the ESL rules
Click the sign-up link

See the cup information page for more details


You have got 5 days to play your match. If a match is not yet played after those 5 days, a random default win will be given out. For this cup we will use the "Best of Three"-mode.

Map & Server Choice

Each team decides on a map and server where they wishe to play their round on. If a third map has to be played, the team with the most frags has the privilege to choose a map and server for that round.


1st Place: 3 months remium
2nd Place: 2 months remium
3rd Place: 1 month remium

...for the players participating in the final matches


The winner team receives the Winter Award

We wish you a lot of fun and exciting matches!
Your Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – Admin Team

  Dureal AbaddoN ToasteR. afiNity Spike Tibby

Dureal, Tuesday, 13/12/11 15:33
Tournament Structure
comments (11)
Why 3o3 ? I want a 1o1 cup!
gl hf
pls keep a slot free for vintage! we will join in 3 days when we arent barred anymoar
teamsearch boiiis!
Hello map, I was about to invite you, but then i took an arrow to the knee, sorry.
me2 :D but still searching :P
btw when did the USA join the EU?
dont cry, americans>germans
Zimbabwes > all
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