Autumn Cup 2011 - The Winners
Making their opponents fall like leaves from trees, here are the top ranked teams of this year’s Autumn Cup.
We congratulate the teams inVision, Violence Perfected and Vintage. Good job!

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Autumn Cup 2011

The Final Match

Sunday, 13/11/11 18:45
Status: closed

  renamed by admi.. (#2) [112:102]  inVision - her0.. (#1)


1st3 x 3 months remium Account + Award
2nd3 x 2 months remium Account
3rd3 x 1 month   remium Account


 Violence Perfected


Please note that receiving the Premium prizes might take up to a week (and longer in rare cases). So please be patient until your Premium key arrives in your PM box.

We hope you enjoyed this cup and are looking forward to see you in the next one!
Your Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – Admin Team

  Dureal AbaddoN ToasteR. afiNity Spike

Dureal, Monday, 21/11/11 16:30
Final Match
Tournament Structure
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GG, well deserved
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