Late Night Cup - The winners
Last 2 weeks we had 2 late night cups. And here we show you the winners!
We congratulate player Sabu for winning the 1on1 single only cup, and team neTwork for winning the 2on2 cup.

JK:JA Late Night Cup - 1on1 Single Only

Sunday, 15/04/12 01:45
Status: closed

  Tiber (#2) [17:14]  Sabu (#1)

Video: Final round of 1on1 single only cup.

JK:JA Late Night Cup - 2on2

Saturday, 21/04/12 22:30
Status: closed

 neTwork (#1) [37:25]  neTwork morgons.. (#2)

Video: Final of 2on2 cup

We hope you enjoyed these cups and are looking forward to see you in the next one!
Your Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – Admin Team

  Dureal AbaddoN ToasteR. afiNity Tibby

ToasteR., Monday, 23/04/12 12:05
comments (3)
nice video ToasteR ! gg
very nice video :) gz to the winners.
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