Wednesday, 02/04

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 20:40
[JKJA] Winter Cup 2014 WinnersWe hereby announce the winners of the Winter Cup 2013!

Monday, 31/03

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 14:37
[JKJA] Most matches CompetitionAre you an active player / team here in the JKJA Games section? Every month we reward the most active player/team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active player/team, you win!

Friday, 21/03

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 00:19
JKJA Evening Cup #1 WinnersI hereby announce the winners of the first 1on1 Evening Cup

Monday, 17/03

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 17:33
Start of the Evening Cups!The once popular one evening cups are back, and as always you'll have to be quick to grab your place in this the first of many events! Sign up, draw your saber and your name could be added to the Jedi Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, 12/03

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 12:50
JKJA Spring Cup 2014The Spring Cup has been a tradition since the early days of JKJA in the ESL. This time we're going big with a TDM cup, so make sure to get your teams ready!
Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 09:20
Huge increase of activity<span class="newshigh">Within the past days activity has made an amazing jump.</span>

Tuesday, 11/03

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 11:21
Big Admin Team ChangesThe activity in the ladders has been dropping as of late, and in order to revitalise the section some new, but still old, faces have been brought in to help. Mike has been transferred to a different section, so the EU JKJA section will have a new leadership. Read on to see the admin staff changes.

Monday, 20/01

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 18:23
JKJA Autumn Cup 2013 WinnersThe leaves might have been shredded, but glory remains - forever. We hereby announce the winners of the Autumn Cup 2013!

Saturday, 18/01

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 16:00
JKJA Winter Cup 2014Has this year's white season been nothing but a big disappointment for you so far? No snow to ski on? Nothing but a new pair of socks for Christmas? Look no further, we have something to cheer you up! Get ready for this year’s 1on1 Winter Cup!

Wednesday, 15/01

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 16:42
JKJA JNC Cup 2013 WinnersAfter lots of intense matches and surprising turns, we hereby announce the winner of the Jedi Nations Cup 2013!

Monday, 16/12

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 15:33
BO3 Ladder newsAs you may know, a new BO3 ladder has replaced the old ones, hoping that activity and competition will increase. You can read more about it below.

Thursday, 14/11

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 19:35
JKJA Summer Cup 2013 WinnersWe announce the winners of the Summer cup 2013! Congratulations to the team <a href="/eu/jkja/tdm/spring_cup_2013/team/6999650/">40 seconds 2 die</a> for winning the Summer cup 2013!<br> <br> <br>

Friday, 18/10

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 11:07
Autumn Cup 2013 TDMThe first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Autumn is the color of a fallen leaf, however here, people think about the announcement of a new tournament This is a 16 slot TDM single elimination tournament , so start teaming and signing up.

Friday, 20/09

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 19:55
Admin Shake Up!The section has seen better days, activity is dwindling and some may question why nothing has been done about it. I apologise on behalf of the Admin team here, what I aim to do is help the section along and keep it going for as long as possible to for players. As a Games Coordinator I will be managing the game on a day-to-day basis and making sure the admin team is performing excellently.

Sunday, 21/07

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 22:42
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Test CupHey fellow players. We would like to test out ESL Wire Anti-cheat with a test cup. Lately there have been allot of rumors about people using stuff like "Lagunlocker". We would like to help the community to get a more fair environment. By starting to use the ESL Wire's anti-cheat function we think this will help to succeed in doing so.

Sunday, 14/07

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 19:18
JKJA Summer Cup 2013<i>Then followed that beautiful season... Summer.... Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.</i> Get your partner and get ready for a 2on2 cup! <i>Info down below</i>

Tuesday, 02/07

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 23:40
JNC 2013After many requests, Jedi Nations Cup is starting once again, get ready to show that your country has the best team!

Sunday, 09/06

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 21:10
JKJA Spring Cup 2013 WinnersWe announce the winners of the Spring cup 2013! Congratulations team <a href="/eu/jkja/tdm/spring_cup_2013/team/7657874/">Reason2rage</a> for winning the Spring cup 2013!<br> <br> <br>

Wednesday, 03/04

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 15:10
JKJA Spring Cup 2013<i>The force of Spring— mysterious, fecund, powerful beyond measure. —Michael Garofalo</i> Get some players together to form up a team! And get ready for a TDM cup! <i>Info down below</i>

Wednesday, 27/03

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 22:31
JKJA Winter Cup 2013 WinnersEven thought its suppose to be spring.. its still winter here! We announce the winners of the Winter cup 2013!

Monday, 07/01

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 15:52
JKJA Winter Cup 2013<b>"He won't be a boy forever. And, winter is coming."</b> <i>-Eddard Stark</i> Get some players together to form up a team! And get ready for a TDM cup! <i>Info down below</i>

Saturday, 05/01

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 23:31
JKJA Autumn Cup 2012 WinnersAfter the busy december month we finally have the winners of the Autumn Cup 2012 More info can be found down below.

Sunday, 30/12

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 16:35
Ruleset updateDue to the current situation of our JKA section, we will have some changes in all the ladders that will help preserve this section in the best way possible within our limited resources.

Tuesday, 20/11

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 22:18
New laddersAs you may of noticed we've added 2 new ladders. We hope this will increase the activity and brings a little spirit towards this old section! More info about the ladders, and certain rules updates can be found down below!
Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 20:48
JPS 2012 winnersWe finally finished the JPS! Winners can be found down below.

Monday, 15/10

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 22:19
Interview / More slots for Autumn CupWe had some people asking if they were still be able to join the Autumn Cup. <b>Therefore we decided to change the cup from 32 to 64 slots!</b> We feel its better not to exclude people from it! Also there was an interview held by Caelum from <a target="_blank" href="http://jkhub.org/">jkhub.org</a></b> starring <a href="/eu/jkja/player/1209630/">ToasteR.</a></b> Feel free to read it!

Sunday, 07/10

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 00:00
Autumn Cup 2012Sun is gone, leaves are falling. Time to finish the Summer tournaments and start preparing for Autumn! Get ready for a 1on1 cup!

Thursday, 20/09

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 21:15
Bidding farewellA veteran of this section is going to leave us, we want to thank him.

Saturday, 15/09

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 10:30
Introducing JKhub.orgDear emo Jedi and macho Sith, Your attention for the following please:

Tuesday, 04/09

Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy | 00:11
An example and warningYou might have seen this icon before.. Let's talk rules. We'd like to talk about some events that have been happening lately that were inconvenient to the players of our section.
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