New Ladders & New Rules!
Finally we can offer you different ladders for different game modes! With this step we hope to raise the activity and prevent alot of the arguing from the past. So now there will be 3 ladder running at the same time. This way there should be something for every taste ;) and of course there will be upcomming events for players which prefer higher difficulty as a standard.

Two New Ladders

In the past we have heard that players constantly argue about what game mode to play... one wants Tap the other Strum, this was bad and mostly resulted in one side upset. So we decided to do as many of the national sections and add two new ladders!

One for Tap only and one for Strum only. And because we do not want to bore people we have also made the decision that the default difficulty is SKILLED instead of NORMAL. Of course players can still agree to raise the difficulty to INSANE or LEGENDARY, but NOT go down to NORMAL. This must be posted and confirmed in the match comments!

With these changes we hope to raise the fun & joy for all participants of the JamLegend section and as well as the activity of the section!

1on1 Strum Ladder

JamLegend Showdown 1on1 Strum Ladder
Ladderdetails Ladder Start: 04/05/10 20:00
Game Mode: Guitar
Game Style: Strum
Difficulty: Skilled
(or higher if both players agree in matchcomments)

Strum Skilled Ladder - Sign up!

1on1 Tap Ladder

JamLegend Showdown 1on1 Tap Ladder
Ladderdetails Ladder Start: 04/05/10 20:00
Game Mode: Guitar
Game Style: Tap
Difficulty: Skilled
(or higher if both players agree in matchcomments)

Tap Skilled Ladder - Sign up!

Changes To The Existing Ladder

We are not completely sure how many players really like to play on difficulty normal so we will keep the old ladder running for now and set it to "normal only". So one could call it the "beginners ladder" where people can play for fun without beeing scared of a challenge where they will be pwned by a pro.

If the interest is lower than we expect, the old ladder will be closing within the next 4-6 weeks.

All existing matches may be played on the old rules, but any new created matches, are normal difficulty only!

JamLegend Showdown 1on1 Tap & Strum Normal Ladder
Ladderdetails Game Mode: Guitar
Game Style: Tap & Strum
Difficulty: Normal only

Tap & Strum Normal Ladder - Sign up!

Restrictions & Rules

Restrictions & Rules
Residence Europe
GameaccountJamLegend Profilename
ContactICQ / IRC
Rules have been accepted

Feedback & Support

We would like to see your feedback and questions in our Forum. You can also visit us in our IRC Channel #esl.jamlegend (QuakeNet) or you can write a Support Ticket.

Best wishes,

your Staff Europe
Felerian01, Monday, 03/05/10 22:02
JamLegend 1on1 Strum Skilled+ Ladder
JamLegend 1on1 Tap & Strum Normal Ladder
JamLegend 1on1 Tap Skilled+ Ladder
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