Friday, 08/08

Insurgency | 13:14
Insurgency is Free to Play on Steam this WeekendInsurgency has been made free to play this weekend, New World Interactive announced yesterday. The game is available to play through Steam and will be available in your Steam game library until Monday 11th August. A Steam account is required but they are free and the client can be downloaded from the Steam Library.

Wednesday, 30/07

Insurgency | 14:23
Firefight Premiership winners & FarewellAfter seven playdays the Premiership has come to an end! Seven teams competed in 21 matches to be the best, but also to have fun!

Wednesday, 14/05

Insurgency | 12:29
**UPDATE** Firefight Premiership Season IAfter some delay we are happy to announce the first Season of a our 5v5 Firefight Premiership.

Monday, 05/05

Insurgency | 11:18
Most Matches Competition - MayAre you an active player here in the Insurgency section? Every month we will reward the most active through the Most Matches Competition. Check out the winners for the MMC April!

Monday, 14/04

Insurgency | 11:52
5v5 Weekly Cup #3 - PushEvery Thursday we will host a nightcup with different modes and team constellations. This time we picked the popular gamemode Push. Read on for more information!

Friday, 11/04

Insurgency | 09:03
The winner of the 5on5 Opening CupAfter a few weeks, it's time to announce the winner of 5on5 Insurgency Firefight Opening Cup!

Sunday, 06/04

Insurgency | 15:29
5v5 Weekly Cup #2 - FirefightEvery Thursday we will host a nightcup with different modes and team constellations. This time we picked the popular gamemode Firefight. Read on for more information!

Thursday, 27/03

Insurgency | 13:46
5v5 Weekly Cup #1 - StrikeIts been a while since we announced the Opening Cup and tonight we want to present you a new format for consistent tournaments in Insurgency. Every Thursday we will host a nightcup with different modes and team constellations. Read on for more information!

Thursday, 20/03

Insurgency | 22:52
Admins wanted for InsurgencyWe are offering more and more Cups the next time and also some other changes, so the work for the Admins will get increased a lot. To guarantee the best support and to increase the activity even more, we are now searching for new, enthusiastic Admins!

Saturday, 08/03

Insurgency | 14:36
***UPDATE*** Insurgency Opening CupIt´s about time! We are proud to present the Insurgency Opening Cup! The cup will be played in the standard 5v5 mode in a double elimination system with 2 days in between the default dates.

Friday, 07/03

Insurgency | 15:49
5v5 Firefight Ladder OpeningWe are proud to announce our new 5v5 Firefight Ladder! After two Testcups we finally open our Ladder, so gather your friends and join! Please read this news carefully, to prevent any problems.

Monday, 24/02

Insurgency | 23:56
Insurgency Test Cup #2 WinnersThe second Insurgency Test Cup took place last Thursday, with the Final match being played earlier on this evening. We can finally present you with all the juicy news and review of all the matches, so sit back grab a cold or warm beverage and enjoy.

Thursday, 20/02

Insurgency | 14:30
Insurgency Server.cfg ReleaseFed up reading through forums? Tiered of getting a headache from so many commands and weird words? Fear no more, we have done it all for you! Thanks to everybody's posts in out Forums we have managed to conjure up both .cfg's that will enable a more smooth and effective running of both cups and leagues in the future. As the game develops, and fixes are implemented we will keep all files up to date, but for now here's all you need to know.

Friday, 14/02

Insurgency | 13:38
Insurgency Test Cup WinnersWe have lift off! A fantastic 11 initial teams joined us to kick-off our very first test cup within this new section, but there could only be one winner.We thank all of those that took part today, and hope to see you all next week for the second test cup.

Wednesday, 12/02

Insurgency | 14:42
Insurgency Test Cup #2We had an overall total of 11 teams sign-up and compete in our last cup and hopefully we hope to do even better this time. Players opinions matter to us, which is why we have opted to host a FireFight cup in the second Test Cup.So grab your team-mates and join us for round 2!

Friday, 07/02

Insurgency | 16:59
Insurgency Test CupAfter looking at all your votes, the test cup is finally here! This cup not only allows us to see how much activity we can gain but also so we can listen to your comments and change any issues that may occur. This cup will be run with Search and Destroy, a 5on5 modus, and with a MR9 feature. So we have created it for you, but now it's your turn to show us your support, so grab your friends and join us !

Wednesday, 05/02

Insurgency | 15:59
Back on ESL: InsurgencyAfter three years, now it has come back: Insurgency. This game was a very popular HL2 Mod "Insurgency Modern Infantry Combat". Now it is a standalone-version on Steam. Six game modes on 12 multiplayer and cooperative maps and over 20 weapons. All details about the gamemodes and a gametrailer blow.

Friday, 24/09

Insurgency | 19:52
Insurgency REVIVAL CupThe competitive Insurgency community reactivates players and clans and starts a Revival Cup.

Friday, 29/01

Insurgency | 17:53
Global PlayoffsThe Insurgency section starts with Global Playoffs into the new year. In the last season 8 teams of 3 different ESL divisions qualified for the 1st edition of the new Global Playoffs. The teams from Europe, Germany and America will be able to fight for the global crown in Insurgency.

Friday, 13/11

Insurgency | 13:33
Insurgency 8on8 CupDue to constant demand the Insurgency Section offers an 8on8 Cup for all teams and players that like to participate. While the Insurgency scene is still small the 8on8 Cup is open for up to 8 Teams for the first time. The Cup will be held on only one day which is Wednesday the 25th at 19:00 CET.

Friday, 02/10

Insurgency | 15:59
Season IV - Starting SignalThe European Insurgency 5on5 League now enters the 4th Season, which will be the last league season in 2009. This season also marks the beginning of the restructuring of the whole ESL Insurgency section. Our intention is to strengthen the national scenes and provide own leagues for every nation with enough clans.

Thursday, 10/09

Insurgency | 18:53
European Season IV - Sign ups openThe Premiership season IV is about to begin. And a few things will change this time.

Friday, 05/06

Insurgency | 17:20
Season 3 is about to beginFinally we are able to start with a full three-divisional league into the third Season of the Insurgency 5on5 League. We are expecting 84 thrilling matches in the fight for championship and promotion.

Sunday, 31/05

Insurgency | 19:27
Most Matches Competition - June 2009Are you an active player / team here in the Insurgency section? Every month we reward the most active team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month!

Friday, 22/05

Insurgency | 17:59
Season II Finals and Season III outlookThe inter-seasonal competitions are about to be finished. The last match will be held on next Wednesday with the final of the qualification. Because some teams withdrew the league size will be decreased to 8 teams for each division. Additionally a new 3rd division will be introduced.

Wednesday, 29/04

Insurgency | 15:22
The advent of 3on3 InsurgencyThe 3on3 Opening Cup is about to begin this evening! Overall, 30 teams entered the Opening Cup. The map pool consists of firefight only maps. We're expecting this cup to be held without major problems and that the rules will fit the 3on3 gameplay. If you encounter problems or have further suggestions leave a comment at the Insurgency Forum.

Saturday, 11/04

Insurgency | 09:38
Season II is over, get ready for the hot phase!Season II was an overall success for the Insurgency scene! All league matches have been finished so far with only small problems during the season. Now we will get into the thrill part of the Season, the championship play-offs and the Relegation between 1st and 2nd division!

Thursday, 02/04

Insurgency | 12:58
Season III Qualification signups openAfter a shrink of the number of participants in last seasons, we are expecting a growth again. Ready up and sign in your new Insurgency team quickly. Fight through a new qualification for entering 2nd division directly.

Tuesday, 17/03

Insurgency | 21:24
3on3 Opening CupAfter introducing the ESL Premiership and the 5on5 Ladder (with an optional 6on6 mode), we are proud to announce a new Insurgency tournament: the 3on3 Opening Cup.

Thursday, 05/02

Insurgency | 00:31
Season II - Let's go20 teams, two divisions, one goal. The ESL premiership starts tonight with a new league mode, updated rules and new warsettings. Get ready for combat!
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