Infinite Crisis Closed Beta Winter Championship
Are you ready to slip into the role of some ot the most famous characters from the DC Multiverse? Catwomen, Batman, Flash, The Joker and many others will fight, with or against each other, for victory in Coast City!

** Update - Closed Beta Winter Championship postponed **
We had to postpone the start of the Closed Beta Series and therefore the start of the Closed Beta Winter Championship and here is the official statement from Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment:

In our efforts to ensure the best possible play experience in our next update we’ve decided to push back the start of the Closed Beta Cup to after the November update goes live. We’ll provide updates as soon as we have a definitive new date.

We will keep you updated on the new start date of the Closed Beta Series and the Closed Beta Winter Championship.

** Update 2 - Closed Beta Winter Championship continues in January *
We just announced the new dates for December, check it out here.

The Winter Championship is one of the first big online Infinite Crisis Closed Beta tournaments to come to ESL and you all will get a chance to qualify and compete for the total prize money of €5,000. The competition consists of three stages - qualification, groupstage and playoffs.

The first two tournaments of the Closed Beta Series (November 10th & 17th) will be used as qualification for this Championship. The top 4 of both cups will qualify for the groupstage.

League format & details

The league format is built for 8 teams. A groupstage with two groups of 4 is followed by a single elimination playoff phase with 4 teams. All matches will be played in a Best-of-3 format, except for the grand final which will be Best-of-5. The groupstage will start in the middle of November and will be played over 2 weeks. The semi-finals and finals are scheduled to take place in December.

ESL will produce and broadcast two live TV shows dedicated to the Closed Beta Championship, broadcast from ESL's Studio. The shows will be presented by ESL TV and feature the semi finals for the first show, and the grand final for the second.

Prize Money

Prize money distribution Infinite Crisis Winter Championship


Infinite Crisis

   1st €2,500
   2nd €1,500
   3rd €1,000

New to the ESL?

If you are new to the ESL, here is our Getting Started Guide and our Cup Guide, which will help you to easily create an ESL account and join the cup! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Infinite Crisis Support.

We wish all teams best of luck and have fun playing in the Infinite Crisis Closed Beta Series on the ESL!

Still need a key to play in the Beta? Grab one!

Get your Infinite Crisis Instant Access Beta Code here

Find more information at www.infinitecrisis.com

What is Infinite Crisis?

Infinite Crisis is a next-generation, free-to-play MOBA featuring fast-paced battles, streamlined RPG mechanics, and iconic locations and characters from across the DC Mulitverse.

Command heroes and villains from one of the largest DC Comics rosters ever assembled – from Batman to Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman to Doomsday. They will fight against each other in a 5v5 mode on an explosive two-lane map called "Coast City"!

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Closed Beta Series
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Best. Game. Ever.
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