Non Profy Duel Cup Results
ESL: IL-2 Sturmovik 1on1 Non Profy Duel Cup was finished, Thanks to everybody for participation! Results can be known below.


2nd place
Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals

1st place
Saitek X-52 Pro

3rd place
Saitek Pro Flight Headset


X52 Pro Flight System

Rudder Pedals

PH09 Pro Flight Headset

Founded in 1979, Saitek was the first to use microcontrollers to create chess playing games – a market it has dominated ever since. In 1993 Saitek entered the PC games controllers market and since then has grown to become the 2nd largest brand worldwide. All these products are designed by gamers for gamers, to help them get the best out of their favourite PC games.
Vaal, Monday, 05/01/09 13:01
Non Profy Duel Cup Results
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