5on5 - Heroes Clash #8
It's time for the next Heroes of Newerth - Heroes Clash. The goal in this cup is to win! Can you can your team win? Show us how good you are and get a place in the ESL Heroes of Newerth - Hall of Fame!

Heroes of Newerth 5on5 - Heroes Clash #8

Cup Start: 24.04.2011 - 18:00 CEST
Check in Needed: Check in 17:40 - 18:00 CEST to take part.
Mode: 5on5
Cupsize: max. 32/64 slots
Matchdates: round rythm 75 mins / single elimination
Server: Europe
IRC: #esl.hon (QuakeNet)
Map: Forest of Calvadar
Game Options:
Game Type: Banning Pick, Tournament mode
Game-Name: e.g. "ESL Clash: TeamA vs TeamB"

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Heroes Clash Cup Rules

Map& Mode
In the cup you're going to play on the map Forest of Calvadar and the gamemode is Banning Pick.

The Team which is placed at the left in the matchoverview have to open the Game with the following settings.

• Gamename: ESL Clash: Team1 vs Team2(example)
• Server: Any server located in Europe (EU, NL, DE, UK etc.)
• Gametype: Banning Pick, Tournament mode
• Map: Forest of Calvadar
• Team size: five versus five
• Referees: 0
• Observers: 5

You have to take Screenshots from the Picks,Bans and the game result with the scoreboard. After the match all required screenshots have to be uploaded to the ESL Match.

Match ID
You have to submit the HoN MatchID over the matchcomments or trough the report function. If the ID is visible on any Screenshot its also allowed.
Sawdaw, Thursday, 21/04/11 14:14
Hall of Fame
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