5on5 - Spring Cup 2011! *11.06.11 18:00 CEST*
28.05.11 is the Saturday to hold of. Why? Cause then it's the Spring Cup 2011 in Heroes of Newerth! You can win the unique Spring Award 2011 or month of ESL Premium accounts. Do your team have the right tactics to win this cup?

Update 05/06/11

Ok, the issues seem to be resolved from S2. Let's try to do this the 11.06.11 18:00 CEST. Sign up if you allready haven't, information in the news below is updated!

Update 04/06/11

Again, it seems like there is problems with the HoN servers.
We will set a new date when it's back up.

Update 28/05/11

Due to alot of problems with the HoN servers the last couple of days, we have agreed on postponing this cup 1 week, which means it will be played the 04.06.11 18:00 CEST.

Heroes of Newerth 5on5 Spring Cup

Heroes of Newerth 5on5 Spring Cup 2011

Cup Start: 11.06.2011 - 18:00 CEST
Check in Needed: Check in 17:30 - 17:55 CEST to take part.
Mode: 5on5
Cupsize: max. 64/128 slots
Matchdates: round rythm 60 mins / single elimination
Server: Europe
IRC: #esl.hon (QuakeNet)
Map: Forest of Calvadar
Game Options:
Game Type: Banning Pick, Tournament mode
Game-Name: e.g. "ESL Spring: TeamA vs TeamB"
Rank: Rank 1-3 will also be listed in our Hall of Fame

Sign up now!

The Prizes of the Spring Cup 2011

1° Place

Spring Award

Spring Cup Prizes

 1st ESL Premium 2 Months ESL Premium
  2nd ESL Premium 1 Months ESL Premium
  *3rd ESL Premium 1 Month  ESL Premium

We wish all the players and teams good luck!

Your Heroes of Newerth ESL Admin Team

* - The 3rd prize is only if the cup has 64 teams or more.
Sawdaw, Saturday, 28/05/11 17:53
Hall of Fame
comments (4)
lame prize imo.
Can matches be re-arranged/scheduled if needed?
LOL @ * - The 3rd prize is only if the cup has 64 teams or more.
Dudes support HoN more and you can do an Cup every Week or DAY!!!!
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