CC 2012: Quarterfinals
Only 8 teams are left in the race for the Country Championship crown. These 4 matches will determine the semifinalists.

Any available broadcast can be found by accessing individual match pages or the "Live Streaming" section.

Playoff - Quarterfinals

Sunday, 10/06/12 20:00
Status: closed

 Turkey (#1)[4:3] Sweden (#8)

Sunday, 10/06/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Slovenia (#5)[1:5] Serbia (#4)

Monday, 11/06/12 22:00
Status: closed

 Belarus (#7)[1:3] Russia (#2)

Tuesday, 12/06/12 20:00
Status: closed

 Israel (#3)[1:0] Ukraine (#6)

Match Settings & Rules

Match Mode
Time Limit
10 Minutes
Score Limit
Play Mode
Best of Two (Bo2)
Tie Breaker
Additional 5 Minute Rounds - Golden Goal
Haxball Nickname
Same as ESL Username
Big Easy


Please make sure that you read and understand these rules. For any questions, do not hesitate to open a support ticket.

Important Information

If a team cannot be present at the official match time, a protest must be opened at least 24 hours in advance!

Barred players are not allowed to play unless they specifically ask for permission from the admin squad by opening a support ticket.

By default, matches must be played at neutral hosts, which should be registered ESL users. It is the task of the teams to find adequate neutral hosts before the match starts.

All participants must behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards opponents, spectators and ESL administration. Please make an effort to represent the ESL and all its supporters with dignity.

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Dynamix, Friday, 08/06/12 01:26
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comments (23)
Come on Slovenian mates! COME ON
Belarus GL ;/
Turkey vs Sweden - early finale :(

But i hope Russia will show great matches and play with Turkey in finale :)
Slovenia black horse of the tournament! Give the win! Go Go aguero&remainder!
Nisi trebao ovog stavit lol ... :D
its called the dark horses not the black horses lol :D
Sweden is gonna win the tournament, the strongest team we have met lately :)
haha brigate are you stupid? we didnt play with 1 team and its only a friendly i never play with 100% on friendlys and with this stupid replay you give me motivation to beat serbia!!
belerus for the top 8 !!!! groupstage: 2 loss, 1 win against finnland -.-
aguero........who loses has the right to be angry.......i am joking man.....

Write the correct name of the country. You do not learn in school
Germany did not deserve to play in the top-8.
Russia and Sweden strongest teams imho, but anyone can win. hf all!
Go Serbian bitches, rape Aguero in the prkno! :D
nisi trebao da kacis brigate...al sta ti pises crni blaze...kakvi procenti,pa nije ti ovo box mec hahah
Brigate wrote:
http://haxballtube.com/watch/6c50db3a :D Go Serbia!

Delete post
Semi-Finals: Sweden - Slovenia
Israel - Russia
Pedy wrote:
Semi-Finals: Sweden - Slovenia
Israel - Russia

Pedy wrote:
Semi-Finals: Sweden - Slovenia
Israel - Russia

wish, only 3 of 4 will be wrong..)
Forza Bulgaria
lol fuck my predictions...
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