Spring League - Winners
After an exciting playoff, the top three teams from this year's 3on3 Spring League have been decided. Here are the winners, final matches and information about prizes.

See you in the Summer League!




Sunday, 06/05/12 20:20
Status: closed

 Joga bonito (#1)[4:1] IsraelHax (#2)

Crowd favorites Joga Bonito and Israel Hax met on a carefully selected neutral field. After a tight first half, the Swedish-Slovenian combo ultimately proved too strong for the all-Israeli opposition.

3rd Place Match

Sunday, 06/05/12 20:20
Status: closed

 EC (#4)[3:4] Death Team (#3)

It was a highly disputed Portuguese versus Polish affair in which the away goals scored in the first round proved crucial. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, this match could not be broadcasted, so go check out the replay!

If you want to watch any of playoff matches, you can search for replay in the tournament tree or visit our official Twitch.tv channel, where all live streams have been archived.


As previously announced, the top 3 teams will be rewarded as follows:
1. Joga bonito - 3 x 3 months Premium
2. IsraelHax - 3 x 2 months Premium
3. Death Team - 3 x 1 month Premium

Joga bonito will also receive the Spring League award:

IMPORTANT! Team leaders must open a support ticket in order to claim their prizes.

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Dynamix, Sunday, 06/05/12 23:25
Spring League 2012 - Overview
comments (5)
JOGA is crazy team gg :D
Controversial winner... -_-
Congratulations Joga Bonito!
Congratulations Israel Hax!
The best team. Congratulations Joga Bonito and Israel Hax
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