How to: Request showmatches
Since over the last few weeks showmatches between national teams became more and more popular, we needed to set some ground rules for requesting show matches. Please read this news for further information!

Showmatches - Rules

Rules for requesting showmatches
  • Showmatches can only be played on fixed playdays, set by the admin team
  • These fixed playdays will be announced via news
  • A support ticket must be opened to request showmatches with all the necessary information (link to both national teams, time, etc.)
  • The support-ticket must be opened by the team owner, team manager or team captain
  • Deadline for opening the support-ticket will also be announced via news
  • Match rules (like 4on4 or 5on5, timelimit/scorelimit, stadium, etc) are up to the national teams

Rules for broadcasting showmatches
  • If you want to broadcast/stream a showmatch, you must ask for permission first via support ticket! The support-ticket must be opened by the broadcaster and broadcasts are only allowed on TwitchTV
  • If you do not ask for permission but still broadcast a match, it will have consequences

Showmatches - Next playday

The next playday will be Sunday, 15th January 2012. If you want to request a showmatch for this playday, a support ticket must be opened with all the necessary information until Thursday, 12th January 2012.

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Help and Support

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Admin Team. You can do so by opening a Support Ticket!

// Your Admin Team
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nice (:
5 on 5 +1
Joninho wrote:
5 on 5 +1

Feel free to test 5on5 mode in showmatches. The decision if we use 4on4 or 5on5 in the CC depends on the team-managers/captains. They decide.
lag should decide
it always does..
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