HaxBall in 2011 - a review!
2011 is almost over - time for a little review of the last 12 months. Check out this news for some facts and numbers of the HaxBall section in 2011!

Structure of the news

The news is structured like this:

• Support and protest tickets
• Leaguejoins
• Played matches
• Cups
• News
• Country Championship 2011
• Admins
• Other
• Plans for 2012

Support and protest tickets

Overall 6718 tickets were opened this year in the HaxBall section.


Leaguejoins overall: 20076

Accepted leaguejoins: 19465
• 1on1: 12298
• 2on2: 4546
• 3on3: 1958
• 4on4: 617
• (5on5: 46)

Rejected leaguejoins: 611
• 1on1: 371
• 2on2: 159
• 3on3: 60
• 4on4: 21
• (5on5: 0)

Played matches

In 2011 57659 matches were played in our ladders:

• 1on1: 31881 (most active player: Arutyun)
• 2on2: 17801 (most active team: dupciach)
• 3on3: 7560 (most active team: Trick 17)
• 4on4: 417 (most active team: Gli Asfaltatori)


In addition to the matches played in our ladders, 1140 matches were played in our 27 cups.


Since the start of VERSUS, 70691 HaxBall matches were played in which the correct result was entered. 968 vetos were accepted and 159 vetos were rejected. This makes a total of 1127 vetos.


77 were published in 2011 in the HaxBall section.

Country Championship 2011

The 2011 Country Championship in HaxBall started on the 15th May 2011. 24 teams participated in 68 matches and shot 288 goals. More fun facts about the Country Championship 2011 can be found in this news.


77 users applied for the admin job in the HaxBall section in 2011. From these, 64 were rejected and 13 accepted. From those 13, 10 are unfortunately no longer admin. Nevertheless, still thank you for what you have done!


In 2011 a lot of things happened:

• In April, HaxBall finally got a replay feature
• In November, the HaxBall Amateur Series started
• The rules were updated several times: #1, #2, #3, #4
Seasonal cups were played: Winter Cup Results, Summer Cup Results, Autumn League Results
• And many, many more things happened!

Plans for 2012

For 2012 we have planned a lot of great things for you! Of course, there will be the 2012 Country Championship, after such a great CC this year. There will be new rules and several rule changes in January 2012. Also, we want to organize more cups than this year. There will definitely be a continuation of our Cup Series. The Amateur Series will be restructured and VERSUS will continue to grow!

With this in mind, the HaxBall admin team wishes you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!

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Help and Support

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Admin Team. You can do so by opening a Support Ticket!

// Your Admin Team
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more cups,nice :)
2012 Country Championship nice, good job. Happy New Year!
Yes more cups plz
;) happy 2012, last year for all the people ;) happy 2012 for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The CC11 started May, if possible star before the CC12 is better ;D
great job admins
Joninho wrote:
The CC11 started May, if possible star before the CC12 is better ;D

nice english

p.s gg admins
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