Why are portugal players such unfair?
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It's not a country problem.

It is a problem of age.If you take a look at most of players from Portugal who play Haxball you can see that many are under 16.

For example few weeks ago I started playing Football Manager 2012 on ESL.I played against many players from Portugal and all players was fair play.But all that I played had over 18.
nani, ronaldo and pepe are some of my favourite footballers
Nani and Ronaldo - crybabies, Pepe - psycho who I would like to foul like he does to many players emoticon-smile

There are some nice guys from Portugal, maybe Radamel and Pedro Fernandes. But the main problem is there are many players who are completely different when losing, and thats not only with Portugals but also with many others. Some don't realize this is only a game.

And yes, Bogy is pretty much right about age.
Kailyou we are unfair players yeah maybe why? is the question?, because of guys like you all the time crying when lose so fair-play from portugal is a bit over,

we lose in our room against kailyou team 1-3 yeah and in her room he have 1000 ping and crying for we have fair-play, a bit lame no? if we are playing in your room why should us have fair play and delete the match? for you dont lose your points?

Ok now when you start winning against kailyou 93487598345 teams, deleted the match and you will be a Good and Fair player

Have nice day

MLA Cross Fire PT - LA Haxball PT - LA Cup Squad PT
yeye we was 3-1 leeding and then I got highping. And what did u? You just didn't care and you EVEN blocked out a guy out of the goal, who is just standing there clicking x sometimes because he is not able to do anything else.

Very poor to block a highping guy out of the field emoticon-tongue

you won 46 points for just being lucky and not better.

You never would have won on a normal way, and you know it.

Portugal: I MUST win, no matter how, no matter showing honour or not.

That's it.

I never met a Germanplayer who would take a win on such a way. Another example, if there is a lagggoal, a Germanplayer gives it back. A portugal says:


Thats the difference...
I agree with you kaiylyou!
LOL you are talking like was our fault we play in your room, you lag in your room, you cry in your room so what should i have fair-play if everything happens in your room? because you are germantopskill? or because you take pictures with your top cell phone?

MLA Cross Fire PT - LA Haxball PT - LA Cup Squad PT
I don't see the point of associating such behaviours to nationality, there are  players like this in all countries, we all should know that. This is not an opinion on the mentioned match since I haven't watched the rep, it's just a general statement.

I have met several portuguese players in the ladder (Radamel, Pedro, Fapoc, etc.), and I have hardly ever had any issue with them, either winning or losing (there are exceptions, of course).
When Haxball start it on ESL EU, our community Portuguese players, was one of the most communitie having fair play, you can ask old players like attaxsh0t, kuje, Lucas, vali, REDZIK and more, when some guys had unsporting behavior with us we starting doing the same and worse with the others communities so dont talk about things that you dont know kailyou.

MLA Cross Fire PT - LA Haxball PT - LA Cup Squad PT
ye of course, what a luck that I know the players since beginn ;)

What you say is not truth. And the people you said, I really cannot aggree ;)

BTW, wasn't it you? I had not just make one protest against YOU...
I forgot to mention Shin and Dude31, who are also very good guys and fair players.

And Quickz, what you did last night in 2v2 against us wasn't nice (awful ping and you didn't give a fuck even though I uploaded screen with ping graph immediately), but Dynamix is a fair admin so we won the protest easily. You are definitely not the one who should be writing on this topic. 

Portuguese players have bad reputation because of Pizzi (ex-Adebayor), Capitan, Hirdicon, Einstein and the rest of that crew, they are totaly insane. Creating lag is not the only thing they do to cheat, they also switch players, most of them have multiaccounts and stuff like that.
oh yeah... I remember on Adebayor... he was so... unfair xD
the distance to portugal and his connectionnetwork should be problem enough to play as the game be a p2p game. im one of the guys who rageing about unfair players too but i think in the future it would be nice if there is no problem to delete the matches during you ( kailyou ) or other players who have problems to play against countrys they so far from them. I want to say, i never have problems with portugiese players, but i can understand kailyou and i see some replays about the problem. we should all be fair to each other and i know that its possible to set the game on a rootserver, so in my community we have some fun in future emoticon-tongue

so long.
concerning these numerated guys i can totally agree the previous statements.

lots of multiaccounts, unfair behavior and and and.
ahahahaha... another portugal guy did a very funny thing.

he played versus with his own mate and I was playing versus with a random mate.

I got a 10% mate lol

And after they won they said thinks like:

"try harder"
"not good enough"

MEN you won against me and a 10% mate.

Do you ever heard about the word honour?!

I really cannot stop laughing about the kind of players.
What do you think about Italian players ?
Another unfair portugal player:

We played versus against him. He was able to join our room and lost.

After his loss, every game we met him he said "I cant join" and we was not able to have a game.

Then he did a veto and uploaded fakescreenshots which shows that he is not able to join the room, BUT, it was not our room!

There will be never an end to that unfairness...
Many portuguese are like that because we dont like to lose, well at least some are xD
I dont like to play Portuguese players either.

But you cant put all the players in the same bag.

And in that VS match against you and 10 % player as u say, we were not talking to you, we were talking with the 10 % player that in tho match room sent link faster than us twice and said: too fast for you ?

That was the reason we were saying too hard for you and stuff.

So, as you see its not a country problem. ;)
Since I started playing Versus, I realized that there are many cheaters in all nations. People are totally fucked up and this should be fun...

This morning, some Polish player, Maor Melikson... me and some Hungarian were leading 2:1 against him and some other Polish, and then ping jumped to 500+ all of a sudden... How nice.
Enough senseless flame. If you have something in particular you want to report open a support/protest ticket.

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