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1. Download and install ESL Wire: http://www.esl.eu/eu/wire/

2. Run ESL Wire and login using your ESL account and password

3. Configure ESL Wire

Options - Options_1

General - Auto reconnect should be checked Options_2

- Match media - Set the folder where all screenshots will be saved Options_3

4. Play - Add game - "Browser based" - "Haxball" Add_Haxball

5. This is the most important step, which should be repeated before each match

- Play - Right click on Haxball or an open match - Launch Game - "Time + Date in Screenshots" must be checked - Start Launch_1 Launch_2

A new Haxball tab is launched in your browser. It can be closed if you already had one opened. All screenshots taken with ESL Wire (Shift+PrintScreen by default) will now show the ESL clock in the top right corner. 

6. After the match is finished, you can upload screenshots and replays straight from ESL Wire

- Play - Right click on the match - Upload match media - Add file - Select your screenshots and the .zip archive containing the replays - Upload - Close Upload_1 Upload_2

You will then be directed to the match setup page, where you can enter the result.

7. That's it! Remember to repeat step 5 before each match.
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