CC 2012: Playoff
With the group stage completed, here are the 16 teams that have advanced to the final phase.

Also read about match settings and rules, a reminder about streaming guidelines and other important information regarding the playoff.

Playoff Schedule


Check out individual match pages or the Live Streaming section for any available broadcasts.

Match Settings & Rules

Match Mode
Time Limit
10 Minutes
Score Limit
Play Mode
Best of Two (Bo2)
Tie Breaker
Additional 5 Minute Rounds (Golden Goal)
Haxball Nickname
Same as ESL Username
Big Easy


Please make sure that you read and understand these rules. For any questions, do not hesitate to open a support ticket.

Important Information

If a team cannot be present at the official match time, a protest must be opened at least 24 hours in advance!

Barred players are not allowed to play unless they specifically ask for permission from the admin squad by opening a support ticket.

By default, matches must be played on neutral hosts. The neutral host must be a registered ESL user and should live in a country located between the two which are playing (exception: neighboring countries - the match can be played on hosts from each country). It is the task of the teams to find adequate neutral hosts before the match starts.

All participants must behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards opponents, spectators and ESL administration. Please make an effort to represent the ESL and all its supporters with dignity.

Streaming Guidelines

Twitch.tv is the only accepted streaming option!

By default, match rooms must reserve 2 slots for streaming purposes, as well as 1 slot for ESL admins.

Anyone interested in streaming a certain match should be in contact with one or both of the teams involved.

Streaming requests must be made by opening a support ticket at least 24 hours before match time and should include the following:
  • Match - date and time
  • Twitch.tv channel
  • Commentary (yes/no, language)
  • Slots needed (1/2)

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    Help and Support

    If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Admin Team. You can do so by opening a Support Ticket!

    // Your Admin Team
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    comments (20)
    gl hf
    2 edits
    Israel for us, Ukraine or Spain after... I think the left final phase is more difficult.
    All the best teams are here.

    France, here we are. Good luck for all the teams.
    Mini Final is TURKEY VS POLAND :)) :P
    Sweden vs Russia it's gonna be the final.
    Sweden vs Serbia
    Final four should be Slovenia, Sweeden, Russia, Ukraine!
    keep dreaming REDZIK,its good to have hopes and expectations! :D
    Turkey - Spain and Russia - Poland... but its really hard D:
    safd wrote:
    Turkey - Spain and Russia - Poland... but its really hard D:

    israel-turkey and poland-germany^^
    Turkey - France and Poland - Russia. And France - Poland in final with a win for France.
    I'm dreaming, but it will be the truth.
    Sweden vs Israel and SLovenia vs Russia.
    And the winner it's gonna be Sweden.
    Believe me xD !
    1 edits
    I must inform some of you that a team from the top part of that playoff picture cannot meet a team from the bottom part until the finals. :)

    Go Serbia!
    Go poland
    Go poland
    Mmmh yes, i tought it was "top and down". So! France - Russia and Turkey - Poland ahah.

    But I wish good luck to our slovenian and german mates! :)
    BoGy wrote:
    Sweden vs Russia it's gonna be the final.

    Israel vs Poland :)
    Ukraine-Russia/ Poland-Sweden
    O RLY hahah
    Sweden EAZY!
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