Turkey vs. Bulgaria
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MatchID 22645846
Date Sunday, 15/05/11 20:00
Calculated 15/05/11 20:59
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2 : 0
1 : 1
Turkey wins !
Points +3 : 0
15/05/11 20:49
Round 1*
210 kB, 15/05/11 20:49, by xer1aN (TUR)
15/05/11 20:49
Round 1*
178 kB, 15/05/11 20:49, by xer1aN (TUR)
15/05/11 20:49
Round 1*
209 kB, 15/05/11 20:49, by xer1aN (TUR)
15/05/11 20:49
Round 1*
186 kB, 15/05/11 20:49, by xer1aN (TUR)
15/05/11 20:50
Round 1*
79 kB, 15/05/11 20:50, by xer1aN (TUR)
* No longer available
14/05/11 00:12
Pre Match Statement
This is our first match in CC2011 Haxball and first matches are always hard.I dont have any information about Bulgaria,but i am sure it will be a good match.We trained well and we want to good start with 3 points.Good Luck and Have Fun.

xer1aN, captain of Team Turkey
13/05/11 23:34
Pre-Match Statement
The CC finally started and our first opponent is Turkey. A team against we never played before, so we have no idea what we can expect from them. But as we played a lot of friendly matches against other national teams in the last few days we are pretty confident to win this match and get our first 3 points.

comments (12)
Hi. We can't play Sunday. Can we reschedule for Thursday ? Same time ?

3. Match preparation
All matches should be played on the default dates. Default date is always Sunday, 20:00 CEST. Match can be moved only if both teams agree or at least one team opens the protest 48 hours before the default date.

so we cant play on Thursday
Please don't use the Admin tag unless you are writing as an admin. The match can be re-scheduled if any of teams will open the protest. In Playday 1 the deadline for opening the protests is Saturday 20 CEST.

Player turkiye_sampiyonu have the permission to play in this match while barred.
Thanks for the permission.We are waiting for their protest so we can talk about game time..
well, tomorrow will open protest ...

thanks for understanding
Zetsu nice "copy & paste" skills ;)
Turkey Lineup:js,fuin,turkiye sampiyonu,kulyo
Bulgaria Lineup: Tien,Skilidko,dakatarules,WolvesfaNo1
subs: speacia, llazzy
GG. It was fun :)
fair players, nice game. thank you bulgaria
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