Spain vs. Belgium
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MatchID 25587807
Date Sunday, 11/03/12 20:30
Calculated 11/03/12 22:49
map Big Easy
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2 : 2
Points 0 : 0
11/03/12 21:17
Round 1 and 2*
92 kB, 11/03/12 21:17, by Code Black (BE)
11/03/12 21:12
75 kB, 11/03/12 21:12, by MalkAvian (ES)
* No longer available

Code Black

Douglas Maicon


05/03/12 17:10
Belgian comment before the match
We didn't win a match against another national team yet. This will be a really hard match for us, so we hope we can play with a good line-up. Yesterday we played against Germany and lost for the first time with more than 1 goal difference (0-4), because our line-up included only gk's and defenders.
Hf Spain :)
05/03/12 16:05
Spanish Statement
We are having fun in the showmatches, being able to give a try to all our players in order to gain confidence for the crucial matches that await in the upcoming months. This friendly match against Belgium will hopefully enhance our experience in dealing with difficult matches as a team. We wish our opponents to enjoy the game at its most :D gl hf Belgium
comments (3)
2-2, gg belgium
Strange half-results! We could have won first half, but Maldini made a fail and our attacked missed some chances too. Second half we fought back more in a duelstyle than a nice haxstyle, so after all this half is acceptable for us. Gg Spain.
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