Spain vs. Romania
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MatchID 25296503
Date Sunday, 12/02/12 21:00
Calculated 12/02/12 22:11
map Big Easy
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3 : 0
Spain wins !
Points +2 : 0
12/02/12 22:03
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86 kB, 12/02/12 22:03, by Dynamix (RO)
* No longer available
08/02/12 20:06
Romania Pre-Match Statement
Current temperature in Romania: aprox. -18 degrees Celsius
Minimum temperatures for the following days: -25, -27, -29, -22

With this in mind, we couldn't be any more excited about our trip to Spain and an interesting confrontation against a newly restructured national team with lots of talent and potential.
06/02/12 00:06
Spain Pre-Match Statement
After our encouraging match against Poland, the team has gained confidence. However, there's still a long way to the CC and all squads are doing their best to get there in top shape. Thus, in next Sunday's match against Romania, with solid players in its roster, we will try to, at least, keep the competitive level we have previously shown. I wish our opponents that they enjoy this match as well, and, as always, HF.
comments (9)
Go! Gl & Hf Rumania :)
gl Spain :)
Romania Rullz :)
Go Spain!!!!!!!!!!
gl & hf
gg mates, was a funny one
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