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IRC Infprod  (QuakeNet)
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______________________________INFPROD COMMUNITY TEAM_____________________________

This is the Community ESL team of www.Infprod.com. If you want to join klick on the following link.


___________________________________INFPROD TEAM__________________________________

-Lepi, Austria
-Velda, Israel
-Deadcell, Scotland
-Goodeh, England
-Kap, Sweden
-Dom3KK, Germany
-aL, Germany
-Eyeshield, France
-Slimer, Austria
-Daver, Sweden

__________________________________INFPROD MOVIES_________________________________

-Allstars 2
-Dox - Reaching the Zenith
-Source Generation
-Surreal 3
-UK+Ireland 2]
-Royalty for a Reason

_________________________________UPCOMING MOVIES________________________________

-Insignia Cadre: Violent by Design
-Source Generation 2
-LAN79; An Infective Perspective

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