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Being in contact with basro - the creator of the game - I had proposed, with colleagues, ideas to improve haxball. One idea was making haxball a downloadable software game, allowing the game to move forward and improve in most departments. The purpose of this survey is to raise awareness and the urge basro that it is worth it to go ahead with this idea as it can bring many benefits:


• It can allow the creation of a account system. This he can not do due to the game's attachment to a web browser. He said it would take too much space.
• Creation and sponsorship of dedicated servers
• More updates
• More options and features
• The game will also not very large to download and run on any PC
• Abandonment of flash issues etc..
• substantial improvements of the game without touching the gameplay
• Adaptation of the game in iPhone / iPad / Android?


• Nostalgia for the game and the argument "it was better before"
• Downloadable Game that pushes quite a few players
• more simplistic system of "I go online I put my nickname and go"

And this is what I see, you can add more.



You can vote by selecting Yes or No or if you don't know, 'No Idea'.
Don't forget to type in english if you write a comment.

Finally, when you voted, it's in french, and it means "Thanks to vote, but you can't vote again"
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Voted yes, because I love the idea of an account system. emoticon-grin
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just because you can't fakenick anywhere, noob.
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Other than that, the only problem i see with haxball today is the lagg thing, the other ones u just mentioned are unimportant for a game like this emoticon-smile
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Yeah I know, but those things are just for more possibilities and welcome new comers. By the way, haxball can be bigger with this software version, in my opinion.
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+1...fucking fakers
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Haha i don't really care who i play against even if they fakenick emoticon-smile
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Voted emoticon-smile
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