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So, last night I registered a team, http://www.esl.eu/eu/haxball/team/7021148/ , and the problem is, we are just two of us there, and want to invite 2 more, but it doesnt seem to let other people join, saying: "too many members"... What's going on?
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That's because you signed up for the 2on2 ladder.

2on2 teams are only allowed to have exactly two members. A 2on2 team is a fixed two-player-team, which means changing players is forbidden, unless the 2on2 team leaves the league, rearranges itself, and re-joins again.

If you want to join the 3on3/4on4 ladder, you must create a new team - inviting others to this new team will definitely work.
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I will try that now.

Is it not possible to sign out from that 2v2 league, and sign up for 4v4 one? Using this same team?
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That's possible, but then you would need to create a new team to play in the 2on2 ladder emoticon-smile
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