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Upcoming Cups!
2on2 Weekly Cup #21
 Yesterday, 24/10/14 22:26

Guild Wars 2

2on2 Weekly Cup #21

Another Tuesday evening with our 2on2 Action! Sign up. Have fun. Win gems.

5on5 Weekly Cup #52
 Sunday, 19/10/14 14:35

Guild Wars 2

5on5 Weekly Cup #52

You read it correctly, the weekly cup has reached number 52! Gather your team once more and take part in the 52nd 5on5 Weekly Cup!

2on2 Weekly Cup #20
 Thursday, 16/10/14 11:44

Guild Wars 2

2on2 Weekly Cup #20

Ready for some 2v2 action? Because the next 2v2 cup is here!

Autumn 3on3 Team Clash 2014
 Tuesday, 14/10/14 10:51

Guild Wars 2

Autumn 3on3 Team Clash 2014

Grab two friends and play in a different kind of a Guild Wars 2 tournament! We are proud to present the Guild Wars 2 Autumn 3on3 Team Clash Cup 2014!

5on5 Weekly Cup #51
 Saturday, 11/10/14 19:26

Guild Wars 2

5on5 Weekly Cup #51

The first of another 50 Cups! Take part in the 51st 5on5 Weekly Cup!

5v5 Weekly Cup #50 Anniversary
 Thursday, 09/10/14 12:40

Guild Wars 2

5v5 Weekly Cup #50 Anniversary

We're back with the Weekly Cup #50, anniversary edition!

We will open the check-ins at 19:30 CEST until 19:55 CEST so better check in as fast as possible to secure your slot. As always the matches will be broadcaste on Twitch.

Next Cup
ESL 2v2 Weekly Cup #21
20:00 CEST
Top 2
Gems worth $ 175

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