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5on5 Weekly Cup #48
 Yesterday, 19/09/14 11:38

Guild Wars 2

5on5 Weekly Cup #48

We're doing another 5on5 Weekly Cup. So sign up and win gems!

2on2 Weekly Cup #16
 Wednesday, 17/09/14 23:15

Guild Wars 2

2on2 Weekly Cup #16

There we go. Another Tuesday, another 2on2 Weekly Cup! Every week you can compete against others and win gems!

5on5 Weekly Cup #47
 Tuesday, 16/09/14 20:27

Guild Wars 2

5on5 Weekly Cup #47

Grab your mates and fight for gems! Sign up for our 5on5 Weekly Cup!

2on2 Weekly Cup #15
 Sunday, 14/09/14 22:59

Guild Wars 2

2on2 Weekly Cup #15

On Tuesday we will do another 2on2 Weekly Cup! Sign up to win gems!

5v5 Weekly Cup #46
 Sunday, 07/09/14 19:55

Guild Wars 2

5v5 Weekly Cup #46

It's Thursday again! That means another Weekly Cup! Time to play Guild Wars 2 and prove your skills!

2on2 Weekly Cup #14
 Friday, 05/09/14 16:07

Guild Wars 2

2on2 Weekly Cup #14

Grab a friend and join the fight in the Mists! Have some fun and win gems!

Next Cup
ESL 2v2 Weekly Cup #15
20:00 CEST
Top 2
Gems worth $ 175

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