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2on2 Weekly Cup #22
 Yesterday, 31/10/14 22:54

Guild Wars 2

2on2 Weekly Cup #22

Another Tuesday evening with our 2on2 Action! Test your skill on our 2on2 Cup!

Go4GuildWars2 kicks off with €4,000 prize money
 Wednesday, 29/10/14 18:01

Guild Wars 2

Go4GuildWars2 kicks off with €4,000 prize money

Together with ArenaNet, the developer of the game, we are proud to announce the upcoming Go4GuildWars2 Series with €4,000 prize money for Europe in the first month. There will be weekly cups and Monthly Finals, which will be streamed live on ESL TV. We wish all Guild Wars 2 players and teams good luck and have fun competing in the Go4 Series.

Shoutcasters wanted
 Wednesday, 29/10/14 08:13

Guild Wars 2

Shoutcasters wanted

Do you want to get into casting but just never had the opportunity? Check out more information below to get started!

Autumn 3on3 Team Clash 2014
 Tuesday, 28/10/14 23:01

Guild Wars 2

Autumn 3on3 Team Clash 2014

Grab two friends and play in a different kind of a Guild Wars 2 tournament! We are proud to present the Guild Wars 2 Autumn 3on3 Team Clash Cup 2014!

Halloween 1v1 Cup 2014!
 Monday, 27/10/14 11:28

Guild Wars 2

Halloween 1v1 Cup 2014!

A special event in this time of the year, and even in game you can participate for some fun! Join in for the Halloween 1v1 Cup and win a grand price of 100 gold!

5on5 Weekly Cup #53
 Saturday, 25/10/14 22:37

Guild Wars 2

5on5 Weekly Cup #53

Ten players each match, but only 5 will continue and progress to the finals. Will it be your team? Prove your strength and join the 53rd 5on5 Weekly Cup!

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ESL Autumn 3on3 Team Clash 2014
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