Country Championship 2012 - The playoffs
The next stage of the country championship is starting, the playoffs, half of the teams have been eliminated. Good luck to all the teams.

The playoffs

Currently we have the following eight teams, which are qualified for the Playoffs of the Country Championship 2012:

Group A: Spain & Czechia and Slovakia

Group B: Venezuela & United Kingdom

Group C: Brazil & Italy

Group D: Portugal & Lithuania

You can see the whole rankings of the groupstage here and the brackets for the playoffs are linked here.


Matchday #1: 20/09/12 19:00

Matchday #2: 27/09/12 19:00

Matchday #3: 04/10/12 19:00

Matchday #4: 25/10/12 19:00

Country Championship 2012 - Prizes

3 months premium for the Winning Team!
2 months premium for 2nd place.
1 month premium for 3rd place.

In addition, each team in the top 3 will receive a special Country Championship Award

1st placed: 2nd placed: 3rd placed:

Each Team-Captain of the top3 is asked to open a support ticket in order to receive your premium keys.

Questions & Support

If you have any further questions, problems or feedback, you can always post in our forum or open a Support Ticket.

// Your Admin Team
Whitetiger, Tuesday, 18/09/12 19:51
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