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Anti cheat not running/confusement
Author Posting
I need some assistance with your Wire Anti Cheat thing as I don't really get it properly.
Last night I have 2 matches recorded against me that say "no anti cheat".
I had wire anti cheat open however and didn't do anything different to what I did the night before.

The first one I clicked "launch game through ESL wire" and it kept coming up saying "you must join a versus game to do this"....I'm pretty sure I was in a versus game otherwise why would I be getting a "join game" option?

The second game it launched, but it never actually seems to take me in to BF3, just in to the battlelog screen then I have to join the server myself. This seemed fine for the night before, but last night it says no anti cheat? When I left the game Wire Anti Cheat did not do its "uploading info" thing that it did the night before.

I'm pretty confused by this program, theres not really any instruction anywhere and it doesn't seem to work half the time. Can you advise why I have 2 "no anti cheats" against my name even though I did everything I was required to.
Can you also advise the proper process for getting your anti cheat working/joining a bf3 versus match.

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Same problem here!
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Same here ;) all won games = no anti cheat
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If you get an error mesage saying that you are not in a VERSUS match even though you are, you have to restart ESL Wire and it will work.

:: ESL War Rock EU/BNL League Admin :: ESL VERSUS Admin :: ESL Wire Support Admin ::
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