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wire fail
Author Posting
can u look at my screnshot 


it shows that the start button on wire launch of versus game is not high lighted re installed wire stgill the same how do i fix this. can u resolve quick as want to play versus now please. i have eset nod32 it not blocking it either just added info it never has and checked its on my list of ok programmes. I found that css has disappered from the list . tried adding hl2 exe manually but dont work how exactly do i add it so my start button works. was working yesterday. how do i add it its a steam game but i try pressing add steam game and it dont appear on list. many with this problem please fix
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Hi guys,

It's really easy to solve this problem. In fact, I've got the same problem this morning and I know how to solve it :

First, open your wire, go to the 3th tab called "Play"
Second, click on "Add a game" then "Add a steam game" and after this select "Counter-Strike" then the game will be launched in order to test if wire is configurated with the right destination folder
To finish, you just have to close Counter-Strike and click on "End" (or something like that) in wire.

I hope u've understood and I'm sorry for my english but I'm a french guy ^^.
I also hope I've helped a lots of people who has the same problem.

Have a good day,
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mate counterstrike source dont appear on the list even though i got it on steam so dont know how to get it up . as it steam game doing it manually dont work either. so if u got any ideas on how to get it to appear under add steam game tell me please. well i selected another steam game then selected css after it hope it works it added game but will test it. it still not work omg i will need to send this to admin as i cant play with otu it please admin look and help
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Hey guys,

I just wanna let you know that the issue detecting your game was actually caused by us due to some changes to the Game Detection we tried today.

However, we reverted those changes again. So you guys should be able to let ESL Wire automatically detect your games again after restarting it.

It that doen't help you need to exit ESL Wire, delete the following folder and start it again:

- Windows XP: C:\Document and Settings\%Username%\Local Settings\AppData\ESL Wire Game Client\

- Windows Vista/7: %LocalAppData%\ESL Wire Game Client\

Please let us know in case it's still not fixed for you.
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nice well played css admin from germany well the best admin i talked to ever anywhere xd. today opened it again no css again tried steps again not worked. Ie uninstalled deleted files retry nothing
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Save this .reg file on your desktop:

and double click on it, and click yes.

Restart ESL Wire, and the game should be automatically added to your game list.
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nah that reg file thing is fail what admin said above is correct and when it never appeared again iu just started css closed then open anticheat. Now never any problem. I say again i tried that reg fix mate never worked but what Ch4oz said is bang on cheer no other help required.
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