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HELP PLS! Esl wire bug
Author Posting
When i wnat to play a match on esl wire my start button on eslwire doesn't work .  My start button is gray and i can't click on start
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i have a same problem!!Any idea ??pls help me!
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Is the game detected by ESL Wire? If not, try adding it manually. Also, make sure that the "anti-cheat" box is ticked.

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How i can change my anti-cheat box to make it ticked????
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hello..... A strage thing happens with me...i start game with wire anti-cheat ,press start and game open...so when i finish the match the transmition data dont shows up! why?? AND NOW,i got 1 day banned and -30 points...thats unfair because its problem of wire not mine
pls i have matchs to pplay today but i cant..HELP ME
 do something
thank you
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i never play witout wire anti-cheat--....
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@JOLLEG: If you have an open match, and the game is added to ESL Wire, the anti-cheat box should be ticked automatically.

@chucky: Did you already try running ESL Wire as administrator?

ESL Master League Admin
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yes as always..loool.....this happens with a 2 friends of mine to...but its unfair banned someone without any fault,.... serious...wire problems not mine!!! unfair!! i play all days on esl!!all days ,30 days 12 mouth, 364 days..emoticon-grin
and you guys are there to help... and now? i got -30 and banned for 1 day..  lol? why? im not lier..telling the truth but without solution..ty btw..its useless come to forum..or any place else...
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