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Incognito Gaming Organization Seeking Divisions!
Author Posting
Hello Fellow Gamers!

Incognito Gaming Organization is a new Professional eSports Multi-Gaming organization who is currently seeking to pick up competitive divisions for all games.

Our goal is to be the biggest and best multi-gaming organization supporting both Console and PC gamers all around the world, all divisions will be provided a Dedicated Gameserver and a Dedicated channel in our TS3 server.

The following is a list of the few games in which we are looking for, along with their respected region and platform;

Battlefield 3 -- North America & Europe/Console & PC
Call of Duty MW3 -- North America & Europe/Console & PC(Europe Only)
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 -- North America & Europe/Console & PC
Counter-Strike -- North America & Europe/PC
Counter-Strike Source -- North America & Europe/PC
Counter-Strike Global Offensive -- North America & Europe/PC
World of Warcraft -- North America & Europe/PC
League Of Legends -- North America & Europe/PC
And Many More...

For more information please visit our website http://Incognito-eSports.org (Under Construction) or send an email to admin@incognito-esports.org with your question(s). You can also find any of our staff members on our IRC Channel -- information is listed below;

#Incognito.Gaming @ QuakeNet.org
#Incognito.Gaming @ GameSurge.net

iGo ` Togglez-
Incognito Gaming Organization
Professional eSports Co-Founder
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