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KsK LF 2 Members! [EuW] Server!
Author Posting
KsK [Killsteal Kings]! are looking for an AP Carry and a Support to finish their 5v5 team to begin training.

You have to be of good knowledge of these positions and also have a wide array of champions that you can use. We use Skype to talk but if its a problem we can switch to a mumble server. This means a microphone is a must, and also clear English speaking as all three members are from the UK.

Elo will not matter as we are more about training in a team other than focusing individual players scores!

The three current members have gamed together for a long time, these consist of :

Dazri : Jungler

Sonfu : Solo Top

Mejah : AD Carry

The support we choose will have to play with Mejah in order to focus on getting a better lane synergy between the two of you, as sometimes he prefers having more agressive supports like Leona.

In order to get in touch please add one of the following :

Dazri - EUW LoL Server
sonFu - EUW LoL Server

You can also send me a message on the ESL Site!

Thank you and good luck in LoL!
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