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Help me please :D
Author Posting
I don´t understand the 5th step. I have done the previus steps, but I don´t understand what I need to do at 5th step.
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For which projects do you have created an account?
The 5th point just means that you should crunch the project that is announced at the moment.
This is at the moment yoyo@Home:
http://www.esl.eu/de/boinc (as you can see on the right side in the list)
If you havent created an yoyo@Home account yet, do it and let only this project calculate Workunits --> Point 5 succesfully done.

If you like you do and if you dont then you boo
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What´s the meaning of "crunch" ??

I have created for World Comunity Grid... my name is "Fanatics! Max", and Aqua ... but i set off Aqua.

I think i have done all the steps... Please confirm me if it´s correct... Ty ^^
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Can you please post your WCG-account? I haven't found you on Boincstats, but that can be a problem of time. If your in the right team and have put the right Cross project ID in your ESL sheet and you have cruched a Workunit ("to crunch"= to calculate a Workunit, so "Cruncher" are just the people who take part in the BOINC-World) it will appear in your ESL-Sheet. If it doesn't appear in the next two days you know something has gone wrong, but just wait till then.

If you like you do and if you dont then you boo
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My WCG-account is: Fanatics! Max, and I am in the team where the instructions says. I think it´s all ok... But in my ESL profile it doesn´t appear.
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