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Cross project ID change
Author Posting
Hey guys emoticon-grin

I noticed we decided to switch from rosetta to spinhenge project.

That's fine to me , there is only 1 thing i do not understand :

Do i have to change my project ID in my profile ?

I had one with rosetta and i was at 2/3 months for the award.

Right now i joined spinhenge ESL team ( using same mail as rosetta as said in the news ) and i get a new ID project.

Do i have to wait 1 day or i must change it in my gameaccounts?

And if i do , will i lose my 2 months?
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I think this article answers a lot, if not all, of your questions.

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Yeah , i didnt change GA but new one didn't sync with old rosetta's one ._.
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ok no way i can get the award as IDs are different.
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so what can i do to change the id? it is not changeing ...
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I've just registered in yoyo@home. But there is my Cross-Project ID is different that my ID in my game-accounts and in other projects.

This id is from WCG, Rosetta, etc.:

But in the yoyou@home they give me other id:

Cross-project ID: 0ec25749f76767a2fb181dbebc21e281

So, must I change it in my gameaccounts too, or in yoyo@home it will changed automatic to my old ID?
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Have you used the same Login-Datas as by superlink and the other projects? If yes its just a quesion of time till the Cross project id will adjust itself to your othe ID. You just have to refresh/update yoyo@home and the other projects in your BOINC Manager and it will adjust itself so that you have the same ID in every project.

If you like you do and if you dont then you boo
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Hehe. Yeah! It's works. Now I have same Cross-Project ID in the all projects: WCG, Rosetta, yoyo, etc. emoticon-grin

Thanks for help. <3
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