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America's Army 3
Author Posting
There has been made a Clan Listing page. Spread the word, let teams sign up and we get the ball rolling! HOOAH soldiers? emoticon-grin

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Yeah! Good job!

Spread the word guys!
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rgr Hoaah. We want Ladder
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Just say that to all the teams you know, even if they are not playing competitive, tell them what ESL is and make them register here

cmon guys! emoticon-smile
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Contact Cofb,Ncs.Westerplatte and CFC plz.They don't know yet about clanlisting page.
i've lost all my contacts from ts..
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I emailed'em all already, i'll try to contact them also on ts or something
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yeah! Let´s play AA3 on ESL
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I do not have personal problem with LSTS;HGS;NCS-LSTS;NCS ex BOB we did not ban them from our server becouse that is not solution; we must play vs. them in TWL/ ESL
We wish to make this game cheater free; becouse its not fair to other players in AA3 now you got proof
It's your move ACI and other players(Admins) of AA3

this is first video CORVO on light M16 SL;1st slot GREEN team(ALPHA) marek M16 light 3rd slot RED team(BRAVO), then CORVO SAW light; 3rd slot GREEN team(ALPHA) marek M16 light 3rd slot RED team(BRAVO)
he didin't even come close to Corvo; Corvo was right by the stairs when he finished reload

2nd video Eresh on light M16 SL;1st slot GREEN team(ALPHA) marek M16 light 3rd slot RED team(BRAVO), then Eresh SAW light; 3rd slot GREEN team(ALPHA), marek M16 light 3rd slot RED team(BRAVO)
I didn't finished reload and the guy from 3rd slot RED team(BRAVO) passed by me

It's obvious that CORVONERO is using speed hacks

ACI do something about this or are you going to cover cheaters

=[THC]= did everything that ACI asked us to do now ACI do something for AA3 and start clearing this game from cheaters

just one more time video side by side
thank you all for making time to fight cheaters

Best Regards

PS: we are going to continue hunting cheaters.
 and please delete us from ESL we do not whant to play with cheaters
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Kwatch allready knows.
In my oppinion you should  rejoin esl,since there is anticheat program against cheaters.
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ESL is the only competitive scene which is using an Anti Cheat for AA3 AND it is known as the best AC around. So I can tell you that matches in ESL are played completely clean.
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Would be better if in aa3 was possible to record demos like in aa2, hope we'll start soon emoticon-grin
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PBGUID because everyone has to update the changes occur after leaving the patch AA3.2

 And here I question How to add new GUID America's Army 3 to my account ESL?

My old PBGUID "b5411e5804aa40cb527d785e29942811"
My new PBGUID "0ae38e22bc79adecc0d21689de410ab3"
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Hover over your name left up, take "settings", there you pick Gameaccounts and add it, however... it has to be accepted by an admin.

As for the server listing, we are stuck at 13? We must do better!
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We have limited ammount of teams in AA3.We could get 2-3 teams more probably.

This is a small scene,slowly growing one.We may not have alot of teams but everyone knows eachother and all the teams registred are active so there will be matches for sure.

Do not consider AA3 as dying game with tiny group of teams..
Devs really started to make effort since 2 patch ago they made new maps,improve gameplay and bugfixes.
They will continue improving this game and more teams will come,hopefully also old AA2 teams.
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Well today i contacted a couple of teams and they will join asap
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Go teams section,delete team.. Why do you suddenly quit esl&twl gaming? Let's talk tomorow about this
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ok i try to delete team shows error  said i am in the league but i do not know how to leave league it doesn't show im in the league??????
i try to leave team no i can not i try to delete my acc i can not cous im in the team....
please help we do not want to play vs italian clans couse they cheat and no recoil run faster and that is just not fair...
quote ] 
Eresh... stay calm. As I mentioned before, ESL has Wire AntiCheat which makes cheating impossible.

If you want to delete your account, you probably must leave the clan listing. Go to your team profile and there is a button to leave a league.

But once again, ESL is the only league in AA3 which provides an Anti Cheat.
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Nothing is happening,seems like there won't be AA3 ladder.
Cft,Epx join twl
quote ] 
ofc, with people like thc and the others...
quote ] 
waNted wrote:
ofc, with people like thc and the others...

They left because someplayers of hgs using speedhack,etc..
Funny thing that those guys using "stuff" still get rolled.
quote ] 
I can't see any bans and we played with wire in this weeks, so
quote ] 
waNted wrote:
I can't see any bans and we played with wire in this weeks, so

Who gives a shit that you cant find any bans,since whole competive community knows that CorvoNero has speedhack.
I'm aware of that you played wire,i have picture of it http://i11.aijaa.com/b/00361/9740761.jpg
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