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World of Warcraft - mmorpg
Author Posting
name of the game: World of Wacraft - Cataclysm
publisher:Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
website: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/
genre: mmorpg
description: Very popular game that would have alot of players. 13 millions of players already. The game has 2 types of PvP battles: arenas and Battlegrounds. Arenas are a close enveryment with team sizes of 2vs2/3vs3/5vs5. And battlegrounds are a open field battle from team size 10vs10 till 40vs40. We can choose betewen random oponents or we can choose War Game and set our own map and oponent team.

I would personaly like to see both arenas and battlegrounds being implemented, but if u want to keep it simple the best option for the ladder is 3vs3 arena matches, standart competition arena size.

- should be a new or current game  ->    confirmed
- should have a stable multiplayer part     -> confirmed
- should have an option for replays and screenshots      -> doesnt have replay option but we can take screenshots.
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A lot of people would like to see this coming true!

VeNomGaming supports this initiative, you can count with all of our help.
For more information visit our website or contact our World of warcraft managers.

Website: http://www.venom-gaming.org
Guild Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/guild/grim-batol/Venom%20Gaming/
Country: Portugal

VeNom Gaming WoW Managers:

->Claudio 'sTeVe-' Soares
Steam: elendur7
xfire: elendur7
WoW server: Grim Batol
WoW Nick: Elendurr

->Hugo 'Powned' Narciso
Xfire: Brokas2007
WoW server: Grim Batol
WoW Nick: Powned

->João 'tRiPeiRo' Mota
xfire: tripas
WoW server: Grim Batol
WoW Nick: Unbearabull
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IMO WoW can't exactly be competitive and I don't really see WoW in EMS or something like that. It just doesn't feel right bec OLD PLAYERS that play a lot will always have a lot better items and bigger LvL against new players that just started.

so I say -1
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i think it would be nice

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Yes this would be a nice competition! +1
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I think it would be great!!!! +1

Sektorz Tauren Druid 85 Grim Batol!
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yes i like ;)
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Great Idea!!!! go go with that!!! +1

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Well i agree with this suggestion! ;)

+1 emoticon-grin
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I liked the idea.  +1

quote ] 
liked the idea & WoW.
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I'm not quite sure if this is actually still in the making, but with the latest changes concerning Cross-BG Skirmishes and taking a look at the success of the NAO tournament as well as the EOI just last week, it might be time to reconsider a WoW 3on3 Ladder in the ESL.
I sure would love to be able to compete on a more cross-bg basis instead of just playing the same 10-20 top teams in the ladder of my own bg over and over.
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