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Call of Juarez 1...
Author Posting
Yes for COJ!!emoticon-grin
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 yes for coj in ESL !
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YES for ESL for COJ emoticon-grin
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ofc YES for CoJ in ESL ! emoticon-grin
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yes for coj in ESL !
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ofc YES for CoJ in ESL !
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108 votes till now
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108 votes, but there are many more players, which are also going to support this game in the ESL, but aren't registered yet. There are several teams, which probably will come back to CoJ, if the ESL decide to let this game join.

But I want to clear up some important points about different topics:

1. Server:
Currently you don't find serverhoster for CoJ, but there are some private rootserver, which host gameservers. Furthermore I would rent maybe 2 rootserver to offer CoJ servers to the other clans, which haven't an own root.
So the servers won't be a problem.

2. Anticheat:
A year ago CoJ was supported by the UAC2 AC-tool, but in UAC3 it isn't supported anymore. I think it won't be so hard to configure Wire for CoJ, because the tool just have to check if the files contains edited values.

3. Community:
The Community is bigger than it seems to be here in the ESL forum. There are many more players, that are playing CoJ, which aren't registered here yet. But the point is that many players would come back from CoD, BF, LoL, CS or whatever to Call of Juarez, because it is a really nice game which never had the opportunity to show itself in a huge league.

4. Admins:
This is the easiest point of all, because there are several persons, which are respected from the whole community. Some of them already were admins in a small private league and have many experiences with treating a problem between two teams.

What disadvantages are supposed to come along with accepting this game? I can't think of any disadvantage. I just see advantages for the game, the players and the esl.

Let's stay tuned. emoticon-grin
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Yeap, but something like moss would even be enough in the start already (auto making screens).. though esl wire would be best of course emoticon-smile
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ofc COJ in esl!!
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I'm speaking with different gameserver hosters at the moment emoticon-grin
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I vote YES! emoticon-grin
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CoJ in ESL ? 100% of YES

Greatings friends.   Bongos(=THC=)
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wow Bongos alive! welcome back emoticon-smile
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Anticheat in progress...
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Yes for coj in ESL !!!!!
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The Bigest Yes from me to this gameemoticon-grin
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Be ready to join the ladders and cups!
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Yes for coj in ESL !!!!! Hell Yea ! ^^
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www.esl.eu/eu/coj * 

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