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Mount & Blade : Warband
Author Posting
name of the game:Mount & Blade : Warband


website: http://www.taleworlds.com/main.aspx

genre: Is like any fps game. Team 1 vs Team 2, just like CS:s, but with medieval weapons, Bows, Crossbows, horses, lances, swords, maces....

description:  " " 

community info: Very good comunity, a lot of multiplayer activity. Plenty of people playing it, lots of servers, around 30 active clans.

* This game is very young, around 4-6 months

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I love this game, is my prefered game and would be a great joy if the game is added to the list.

Please don´t ignore the game, thanks.
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I like this game... is very good, you play with axes, shields and more medieval weapons, it's very good and the game is not expensive.

Please add this game, the community create tournaments and more but the ESL it does this more easily

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the game is orgasmic, the multiplayer option is very useable and perfect for ESL.
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I agree, Warband is a very good game for competetive gameplay as it involves both individual skill and team-play/tactics.

In this game matches with more then 15 players (20; 30; 40 or even 50 depending on the size of clans - although 20 or 25 seems the most likely maximum number of players per team currently) could make competetitions and leagues/ladders quite interesting.
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M&B is a very good game.
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I would suggest it really.

Enough Players ? Yes.
Stable Servers ? Yes.
Ability of taking pictures ? Yes.

So Get it in here.
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give us a warband league !!!! emoticon-smile
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yes please!!!! gogogogogo
1on1 duel ladder/cups would be n1
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cmon even jedi academy has a league
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Yes, this is a good game fr ESL, competition massive death team... crews and moree. strategyst, tactics this game are good por Tornaments and Duels.

Ambiet in medieval era, 6 Kingdoms, 3 types of units (Warriors, Archers, and Cavalry)every kingdom with his equipment, many types of weapons(many type of axes, blunts, swords, stiks, spears, shields, bow(and its arrows), crosbows(and its bolds), firearms(and its bullets), and its restrictions), some types of horses, very many types of armor

Style of games: between them and the most played: Death Match, Team Death Match, Assault, Duel and more

Player Capacity: 2 ~ 120 in a one battle.

Conclusion: for my the best Medieval first/third person game, and if missing are cheap!
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