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Fallout Tactics tdm (3on3)
Author Posting
name of the game: Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
publisher: Interplay
genre: squad-based third-person tactical combat game

Team Deathmatch is the most common, usually played 4on4 or 3on3 players. The game is played with 4 custom-made characters (prepared before the game) with points limited to maximum 2000. To win you have to kill all enemy characters (While dm game there's no respawn). Both sides pick one map, three games on each is played, if the result is 3:3 then they play one more game on Plains of Carnage. Time limit for one game is 15 minutes.

Rules for the ladders:
(2kh3 final)

1. Team creation
Point limit for each character is 2000pts.
Maximum characters is 4 but theres also other limit witch is called a Heavy 3 rules ( H3 )
Meaning of heavy 3:
Each item from armors and weapons is under heavy points from 0 to 4
Leather armor mk1/mk2 - heavy 0 (h0)
Metal Armor mk1/mk2 and Tesla - heavy 0 (h0)
Enviromental Armor - heavy 1 (h1)
Power Armor and adv.Power Armor - h4 ( u cant take it )
There are some exceptions in armor for the mutants
Plated Mutant Armor and Spiked Mutant Armor - heavy 2 (h2)
Exception: if your character is using Big weapons it's h1 if no ( for example melee ) its h2

- Vindicator minigun - heavy 1 (h1)
- Rocket Launcher - heavy 1 (h1)
- Lewis - heavy 1 (h1)
- Bren - heavy 1 (h1)
- Gauss Rifle and Gauss pistol - heavy 1 (h1)
rest of weapons is h0

There is one more limit and just for guns:
Your characters can have just one same weapon no matter what heavy rule it got

- You are not allowed to use:
a carrierman - it's a character with lots of equipment and low character points
a scavanger - it's a character with hardly any weapons and lots of character points to its name.

4 characters
1- pancor jackhammer(h0) Metal armor (h1) = h1
2- vindicator minigun(h1) Leather armor mk2 (h0) = h1
3- H&K Caws (h0) Leather Armor mk2 (h0) = h0
4- Sniper Rifle(h0) Leather Armor mk1 (h0) = h0

community info:

The game isn't new but there are still active playing communities. There is no European Fot community,
it's broken to pieces for each country. We think that it's time to change this situation and create competitions
for all European players, to do this we need your help. Only from Poland, about 30-50 players and 10 clans should join the ladders.
quote ] 
That's a great idea to create a one international Ft leauge consist of small leauges existing in sundry countries. The rules which Noizz presented above are proven because we play on them in our polisch league from many years. They are really easy to remember and give a lot of fun. If you want to contact with us please visit our chat http://www.fbn.prv.pl/
quote ] 
Yea, Great Idea.
Some screenshots from game:
quote ] 
It's very good idea ;)
quote ] 
This is good idea, there are many players who play Fallout Tactics multiplayer ;)
quote ] 
Polish scene play Fallout Tactics along 5 years, we have about 40 polish gamers. In this game we are very good, and we can learn new players, how good play. I write this post to invite You to our scene. We can play together in this very cool game as Fallout Tactics.
quote ] 
Very, very good idea...
quote ] 
this game is awesome, i will try to get a team and joinemoticon-smile
quote ] 
Making International FT League is a very good idea ;> Players from whole world join and enjoy
quote ] 
quote ] 
yeah !
quote ] 
Some new fresh screenies:
http://pokazto.com/?img=alotofppl.jpg Yea... we have gathered a lot of ppl to join game ;b
http://pokazto.com/?img=doublekill_selfkillincluded.jpg 2 kills. But one dead character is my ;<
http://pokazto.com/?img=mutantpowah.jpg Muties can do a lot... and much more
http://pokazto.com/?img=runforestrun.jpg I will catch you!
http://pokazto.com/?img=thereyouwere.jpg There you were hiding...
quote ] 
and a few pictures from me ;]




stej pwnt ;)
quote ] 
Yes, I'm voting for Fallout Tactics!
quote ] 
/vote yes
quote ] 
ft 4ever
http://www.fbn.prv.pl/ visit us!
quote ] 
I think it's very good idea. I'm on it.
quote ] 
Sound Evil emoticon-smile I like that, Fallout Tactics is a good game so I'm voting for it emoticon-grin
quote ] 
Great idea i'm on it
quote ] 
I'am voting for it.
quote ] 
you can count on me 8)
quote ] 
good idea
quote ] 
my vote... create that league...
quote ] 
How long we need to wait? o_O We want this league now! ;b
quote ] 
All DCR members vote on it
quote ] 
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