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Selling good and fresh
Author Posting
Selling good and fresh cc hereHello for all
I'm a seller in Viet Nam . Now i have very shop and have very much cc . I want sell it Who need contact for me through Y!H : ms.seller@ymail.com or Email : ms.seller@ymail.comI promise cc of me very good and fresh all with good frice . I sure u will happy if bussiness with me .
Us ( vis,mas ) = 3$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 2,5$/1cvvUs ( dis,amex ) = 5$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 4.5$/1cvvUk ( vis,mas ) = 6$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 5$/1cvvUk ( amex,dis) = 20$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 15$/1cvvAu = 12$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 10$/1cvvCa = 10$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 9$/1cvvEu = 25/1cvv but have little cc more than 25$ . + Itali = 30$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 23$/1cvv+ Spain =25$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 18$/1cvv+ Denmark = 25$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 23$/1cvv+ Sweden = 20$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 18$/1cvvMiddle East = 15$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 13$/1cvvAsia = 15$/1cvv if buy more than 50 cc 13$/1cvvUk with bin = 15$Uk with dob = 25$Uk with bin + dob = 30$Us Full = 30$/1cvvUk full = 40$/1cvvEu full = 50$/1cvv* SHIPPING *

-SHIP IPHONE 4G = 250$My rule and i can't break up my rule, hope u read right before cotact me : ms.seller@ymail.comI only accept WU and Liberty But with WU i only accept > 50$ With Us i don't sell < 20 cc . I sell much If u are seller pls don't contact me, if u don't buy from me pls don't contact me . I very hate do spam or rip and i don't want who spam me..Thanks read my thread . Hope u can read right before contact meSee u soon . Let's contact Y!H :ms.seller@ymail.com
email ms.seller@ymail.com
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