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Brawl Busters (Free-To-Play)
Author Posting
Name of the game: Brawl Busters

Publisher: Rock Hippo Productions / Skeinglobe

Website: http://www.brawlbusters.com/

Genre: Third-Person Action Combat


First of all, this game is Free-To-Play in Steam, just download 900MB and start brawling!

Official description: Brawl Busters, "formerly known as Project Plan B", is an action brawler that features competitive and co-operative battle modes all in a third person view. "With its simple and intuitive controls, this easy to pick up and play game makes team strategy a must as player's battle against each other or team up against computer controlled enemies". Brawl Busters will feature Challenge & Training Missions, leaderboards and stat tracking.

My personal opinion about this game is that it's very addicting and makes alot of fun. Just test it and you won't stop to level your own character!

Community info: You can select many gamemodes, but I think that the community would prefer "2on2/3on3/4on4 Team Deathmatch". Every server is good visited and no wait times if you just want to play.

System requirements (minimum):

OS: Windows XP, Vista & Win7
Processor: Pentium 4 - 2.0GHz
Graphics: GeForce FX 5600, ATI 9600 PRO
Memory: 512MB RAM
Hard Drive: 2GB
Internet Connection: Cable/DSL or better


Brawl Busters is out now (Feburary 16th, 2012) and deserves more attention/promotion. The multiplayer part is very stable, especially because of his good netcode. You don't even feel that it's lagging if you play with higher latency.

I don't know if there is a funtion to record a match (maybe not), but you can take screenshots of the winning table at the end of the round (Wire snapshot function or with the print button on your keyboard).
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Wird das Spiel bald in der ESL sein?
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The action RPG Brawl Busters is fun and engaging, you should never miss this game even when you are in work.
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