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Bring back warsow
Author Posting
I think it would be a good idea to bring back Warsow.
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agree. .7 comes soon so the perfect time for a NA and EU ladder or something emoticon-smile
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Indeed, it is the best instagib game out there ... it's got the moves and speed, it should definitely be back, with appropriate anticheat it should even be a part of the EPS imo

instagib of course ^_^

iduel ..
idm .. (some kind of a king of the hill tourney/cup for example? ;D )
itdm ..
ica .. ?
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NO, this game is dead.
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no insta.. only duel ladder versus 1v1 duel and duel cups *.*
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+1 for this idea.

But not insta it's by far the worst part of Warsow, just a parasite that takes away potential players and turns them into braindead point'n'clickers.
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duel ladders + duel cups *_*
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+1 for W§W Duel and Bomb leagues/cups/ladders!
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+1 for normal weapons duel, iduel and bomb.

If it comes back I hope somoene(or 2,3) is up for the task of managing the Warsow section.
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Would definitely like to see warsow duel ladder, hope it'll get implemented.
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+1 nw duel ! emoticon-grin

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I +1 for an instagib duel and regular duel ladder. Maybe a duel arena ladder also. Anything but 1v1 gametypes would be unrealistic.
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Firstly I would like to say that with the recent patch of Quake-Live where they supposedly screwed over their free members - The numbers of Quake-Live players has apparently dropped by a bit. Now of course I do not want someone to take this out of context; this is but a rumor that has been going around and I am just simply not helping by spreading it.

Secondly with the release of Warsow 1.0 - Warsow has finally came out of the wood works and is no longer in beta, its a full product that has fully developed features. Its not what it was like 2-5 years ago, it has completely changed. It is one of the most polished games out there on the market that is a free to play shooter that requires a lot of skill and knowledge over some other games that I will not name just to remain professional.

Warsow isn't just "another quake game" - It's different, it's what people have been waiting for in the past year or two. I'm sure that Quake players such as myself who have played Quake for years want a change of scenery from the moderately paced Quake-Live. Theres a lot more gameplay factors inside of Warsow that makes it different to Quake-Live, whilst they may not be obvious to the eye within the first few seconds, you will soon figure them out and love them. I could name a few such as 'Air-control' or 'Tiered armor system'. Those two by themselves make Warsow stand out a lot more than the other "Quake-clones" that people see out there.

I really do wish for Warsow to be picked up by ESL and have regular and big, meaningful cups.

I propose that the following modes should be supported:

Capture The Flag - Capture The Flag is a great fun mode to play in Warsow with the amazing movement system that Warsow has. The map design and possibillities that players can create opens up CTF to be a really fun mode for everyone whilst at the same time it can easily be competitive. It was only last morning where we saw the KYA Capture The Flag cup, where it presented some great games and fun for everyone - Even fun for those who were on the losing teams. :> The format is usually 4on4 with a 15 minute time limit.

Bomb - Bomb mode is basically Counter-Strike, with a few changes. You can only select a few weapons at a time and you cant pickup the bomb after its been planted (As well as many more different alterations). Its a great mode that anyone can get into, its really noob friendly and fun for everyone whilst it also displays a great amount of skill and performance under pressure. The format is usually 5on5, max rounds per half is 15 and score limit is 16.

Duel - I don't think I need to put anything here. A normal 10 minute duel is awesome and I think thats it.
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I would be up for helping with a fresh Warsow-Section here at the ESL.
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+1 for bringing back Warsow! emoticon-grin
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1.02 is out

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