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New ESL Admins for the cups ! THANK YOU
Author Posting
I have just been witness to the most ridiculous thing, We had an ESL Cup match tonight, our oppentent weren't able to play at 20:00, so they asked us if we could play at 20:30 instead.

We are fair players and we didn't wan't a default win, so we agreed on delaying the match half an hour.We logged into their server, played the first round and won 158:0. After the first round we just randomly checked the matchpage, only to find out that we had been disqualified for "starting 90 minutes late".

Firstly; we started 30 minutes late, not 90 minutes. Secondly; if anyone should be disqualified, it should only be Nitrose. We were ready to play at 20:00. THEY wanted to delay the match, not us.This is outrageous.Needless to say, we demand being moved up to the 3rd/4th-final.

This is taking DIRECTLY from the chat

[22:08:37] Orgas_mo: can we play tomorrow @ 20:00?
[22:09:59] Krazylove: 20:30?
[22:10:04] KongWiuff: 20
[22:10:10] Orgas_mo: 20:30 good?
[22:12:01] Orgas_mo: 20:00 or 20:30 choose please?
[22:22:55] Krazylove: 20:30
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Your match was supposed to start at 1900 CET m8...

You cant just reschedule the whole turnament, the next match was supposed to start at 2000...
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If the cup has a forced matchtime, you can not change this to "be fair".
If you are uncertain about starting earlier/later, ask an admin.

Some cups have IRC/ingame channels where you can ask, if not - press "Support" on the top right when you are on the cup page.
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