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Need an immediate help !
Author Posting
I was playing Fifa12 in Versus mode 2v2. My team was winning the match 3-1 and our opponents quitted the game same time and we couldn't take a screen. Then they voted win for their benefit. Obviously we also voted win for us because  we were winning the match 3-1 in 90th min. Then, they voted result and uploaded a photoshopped picture


here is the match link and uploaded picture from oppnents. Look at exif information of picture and see that it is photoshopped. this screen is also taken 2 days ago according to exif info. I am seeking helps from admins.
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All VETO have been rejecting as we can't be sure of fake or not.
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Hey look at the date that screen is taken ? It is 25.02.2012 . How can i proof their cheat ? They always use this cheat on people. Look these matches :



I dont care the points i need to gain. They just destroying this platform...
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Kalimerre wrote:
All VETO have been rejecting as we can't be sure of fake or not.

This decision is going to encourage people to use this cheat to avoid defeats.
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Write a support - here in the forum no one can really help you with matters such as this.
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