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Author Posting
How do I find myself a clan or community of gamers who play the same games that I enjoy now a days?

Is ESL the best website to use for the eSports scene in the UK or are there other websites that are better?

Im from the UK anyway, I enjoy games such as CS, BF3, COD, SC2 etc aswell as others like SWTOR/WOW/DIRT etc..

Would I fit into your community?
Or please point me in direction of somewhere I would

Need a home emoticon-grin

Nice forum, great support.
ESL is dead then I assume
Thanks anyway, I will stick with Clanbase or others

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you could look for response concerning ESL and the UK here
As for ESL being dead - the European forum never has been one of the most active, ppl tend to stick to their own countries, mainly ;)
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Ah right, silly me lol
OK thanks mate I will try the UK part, cheers bud emoticon-grin
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