Thursday, 10/11

Football Manager 2011 | 18:06
Shevjke won Summer SeriesHey all, we are here to announce the big summer winner, shevjke. In this cup shevjke was an easy group where he finish in first place, with just one draw and one loose.

Thursday, 03/11

Football Manager 2011 | 22:48
Manager of the Month Series: Shevjke was the winner!We are here to announce the winner of our last competition. After eight Stages, champions Shevjke was devoted to General Manager of the month series. With a total score of 2.750 points Shevjke was the big winner of the manager of the month series, followed by Migra (1.450 points) and Hardman (1.200 points) Shevjke of the eight stages won four and was among the top four in other three, only the second stage of the spain not scored the same. Thanks to everyone who participated in and they did a great championship, thanking in particular to top3 and remain so.

Tuesday, 20/09

Football Manager 2011 | 00:25
Manager of the Month Series #8: Russia StageAnd here is the last stage: Russia. The last stages are going to the end, and let's no who will be the best manager of these couple of cups. Let's show your skills.

Wednesday, 14/09

Football Manager 2011 | 15:08
Manager of the Month #7: Ukraine StageWe are running to the end of Manager of the Month Series, and here we have the Ukraine Cup. The sign-ups will start tomorrow at 14:00 CET.

Wednesday, 07/09

Football Manager 2011 | 14:55
Manager of the Month: Brazil StageThe Portugal Cup is running with signups but, in the other side of the Ocean, Brazil will be waiting for you. Are you ready to take a ticket to play beautiful in Brazil? So, take you slot and enjoy with us!

Monday, 05/09

Football Manager 2011 | 23:07
Manager of the Month Series #5: Portugal StageAnd the Portugal Cup is here! Anyway, that cup bring us a little new: from now you will be free to choose what is the team that you must play. So, you have to give your list and after it you should act like a ladder game. Please, pay attention to this.

Tuesday, 30/08

Football Manager 2011 | 00:58
Manager of the Month Series #4: Italy StageWe can't stop. This is the week of Italy. Are you ready? You already can check the mandatory teams for that stage. Please, pay attention to the deadlines too!
Football Manager 2011 | 00:39
Manager of the Month - France Stage starts!Please, check the news to know what are the mandatory teams. Don't forget to follow the deadlines. Play the games with fairplay!

Tuesday, 23/08

Football Manager 2011 | 14:27
Manager of the Month: France StageLet's travel a little bit to France. Here, we will found new games and new competitiveness. Please, check all info if you already don't know how it works and sign up.

Monday, 15/08

Football Manager 2011 | 20:49
Manager of the Month: Spanish StageAfter England, we have Spain. Anyway, we were forced to change our deadline for that stage. Please, check the news again to be updated about the changes.

Monday, 08/08

Football Manager 2011 | 22:40
Summer Series: Playoffs OnlineFrom now, you already can play your games from the Summer Series. Please, check the news again, to remember what are the teams allowed and the deadlines.

Thursday, 04/08

Football Manager 2011 | 23:22
Lower Teams Cup: dree was the winner!We are here to announce the last winner of our competitions. He is dree, and got the 1st place against Sorin in the grand final. In the last place of the podium we can find KR73Q. It was a different competition, where whole games were played with a very low teams. To conclude, we hope that you had fun with it, and wait for the next competitions in the final step of Football Manager 2011.
Football Manager 2011 | 20:51
Manager of the Month: England StageThis different competition will start in England, as you should know. Please, check full news to check what are the team for that cup. Let's get a slot. We will be waiting!

Wednesday, 03/08

Football Manager 2011 | 15:04
Manager of the Month SeriesHello! We are here to announce the newest competition in our section. It names is: Manager of the Month Series. Have fun reading the news!

Wednesday, 20/07

Football Manager 2011 | 23:12
5on5 Tour of Champions: Stage 4Are you ready for one more stage? Let's go to the field. It's time to play again in this magnificent and competitive competition. We hope that you are enjoying this cup, and we believe that you can be better and better playing in team. This time we get back to Europe. Who will win this stage? Let's see!!!

Tuesday, 28/06

Football Manager 2011 | 15:36
Summer Series 2011: StartsWe can't reach the 64 players. Anyway, the format changed a little bit. Please, check the new carefully. Good luck!

Monday, 20/06

Football Manager 2011 | 17:51
Summer Series 2011The Summer is going up...and we want to give you an hot...hot competitions. The start of these group of cups...will be...SUMMER SERIES 2011!! Are you ready?!!?!??? Let's go show what you can do between us!
Football Manager 2011 | 15:00
henriquel won Spring CupThe Brazilien guy from XPTO Team was the great winner of that Series. Anyway, he won from Kobayashi, the Portuguese player in the top 3 and, in the final of the podium, we can find the Turkish player, xer1aN. Congratulations to the big winner, and a big hug to ther other Top players.
Football Manager 2011 | 14:54
GTZ won Tour of Champions #2After the first round was won by XPTO Team, GTZ boys got the his first cup in Tour of Champions. We will have a competitive cup, and we hope that new winners and news games can bring us more activity and honour. Let's go make a short review of that stage.

Wednesday, 15/06

Football Manager 2011 | 13:59
Admins wantedAre you ready to help us? Do you think that you have the real personality to join us? Aplly now...

Monday, 13/06

Football Manager 2011 | 01:14
5on5 Tour of Champions: Stage 3 startsAre you ready? Let's go to the field. It's time to play again in this magnificent and competitive competition. We hope that you are enjoying with this cup, and we believe that you can be better and better playing in team. Who will win this stage? Let's see!!!

Monday, 30/05

Football Manager 2011 | 05:11
Lower Teams Cup startsYou already can start to play that cup. Please, read full new to be informed about all of deadlines. We wish you good luck. Fairplay!

Monday, 23/05

Football Manager 2011 | 17:20
5on5 Tour of Champions: Stage 3The Stage 2 of Tour of Champions is in the final rounds, so It's time to prepare the next stage. Now we will have the World Stage. We want to remember you about the countries/pots that you should send us until 31 of May. Please, fix that deadline as the last day but, if possible send us all of your choices as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for you interest in.
Football Manager 2011 | 16:52
XPTO Team won Tour of Champions #1The first stage of Tour of Champions was won by XPTO Team. Reached the end of the first Stage of the Tour of Champions in the team that came from the Loser bracket "xpto team" won the big final at RG for a clear 2-0.

Friday, 20/05

Football Manager 2011 | 05:35
Lower Teams CupTo bring all of the communities with theirs teams, we thought about a competition that is possible to play with some different team from different countries. We know that between us we can see Portuguese, Brazilian, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Hungarians, Romanian, German and Greeks. So, it´s time to build something for they. Please, read full new to check the tournament' structure.

Sunday, 15/05

Football Manager 2011 | 23:56
Spring Series FM 2011: Playoffs OnlineThe groupstage ended during the last week. After it, we already know all of the qualified players. Please, read carefully all of the deadlines and play the games as soon as possible. We wish you good luck and fairplay!

Wednesday, 11/05

Football Manager 2011 | 22:08
National TeamsHello! Hello! Do you like play Football Manager but, you have no section to manage your National Team? Don't worry...You are from where? Spain? Greece? Russia? Bulgaria? And so on... contact us to manage your National Team. Portugal and Turkey are ready to play some showmatches to improve their skills thinking about ENC. So...let's go...talk with us, because we are here to give you welcome and help you in the managing.
Football Manager 2011 | 21:45
SemiPlayer won Easter CupThe Easter Cup already ends. So, it's time to announce the winners. In the first place we can check SemiPlayer after won the Brazilian guy GordinhO. The portuguese kryptonPT was the third placed, after getting better of the turkish xer1aN. Congratulation for all Top3, and thank you all for your participation.

Saturday, 30/04

Football Manager 2011 | 05:55
5on5 Tour of Champions: Stage 2 startsHello! Hello! Are you ready? So, let's start the new stage of Tour of Champions. Please, read carefully that new and if you have some doubt, please ask us quickly. Thank you in advance and good games. Fairplay!

Friday, 22/04

Football Manager 2011 | 22:23
5on5 Tour of Champions: Stage 2The Stage 1 is ending and we have to announce the next one. So, this new has all of the information that you need to be in the competition and all of the procedures. Please, read carefully the new and if you need something more, contact us.
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