Monday, 05/10

Football Manager 2009 | 20:30
FM 09 Summercup ResultsThe last cup with Football Manager 2009. The mighty Summer Cup. I know, lot of the players rather spent their time on holiday but respect the ones who played for the glory. I hope you had a great time here. So let's see the top3 of 1on1, 2on2 and 5on5!

Tuesday, 28/07

Football Manager 2009 | 23:59
Summer LeaguesSo now that all the signups are closed its time to show you the result of the draw!

Wednesday, 22/07

Football Manager 2009 | 02:10
Summer LeaguesAfter a long time without any clan competition we are here today to annouce the Summer Leagues.

Friday, 12/06

Football Manager 2009 | 16:46
SpringCups"In the summertime when the weather's high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky, when the weather's fine..." Yes it is summer now, but look back to see the successful SpringCup series.

Wednesday, 20/05

Football Manager 2009 | 19:26
Nations ChampionshipWe are proud of the Nations Championship which has just ended. It was a really good competition and took all the nations together. The competition had some suprising result and every Nation played their best, so congratulations to them!

Sunday, 03/05

Football Manager 2009 | 16:18
SpringCup PlayoffsThe Group Phase of our SpringCup has been finished. So now it is the time for the Playoffs.

Tuesday, 14/04

Football Manager 2009 | 20:19
Nations Championship Round 2The Nations Championship has reached the third round . So let's see the results of the games from Round 2 and also take a look at the postmatch interwievs:

Friday, 10/04

Football Manager 2009 | 20:27
Nations Championship Round 1The Nations Championship has finished its first round. So let's see the results and the postmatch interwievs.

Tuesday, 07/04

Football Manager 2009 | 00:00
Spring CupsHello everyone. In the last week everyone had the oportunity to signup in our spring cups. We are now here to inform you that all draws have been made.

Friday, 03/04

Football Manager 2009 | 20:30
Nations Championship - Round 1The Nations is about to start so we have decided to bring you a review about the matches that will follow. A quick review and expectations of the leaders is shown here to open this competition where we expect to bring some fresh moments to Football Manager.

Monday, 30/03

Football Manager 2009 | 23:05
Spring CupsNew season, new competitions. Yes, the ESL team is here to inform you that the Spring Cups are back.

Sunday, 29/03

Football Manager 2009 | 19:06
Nations ChampionshipAnd after a long wait, the Nations Championship is ready to start! The draw have been made and we can expect great matches between the best FM Nations.

Saturday, 21/03

Football Manager 2009 | 18:09
Nations ChampionshipThe signups for the Nations Championship are now closed. This year we will have 9 teams competing for the title.

Monday, 16/03

Football Manager 2009 | 18:02
WinterCup resultsThe ESL EU WinterCups are over now, so lets look at the results. First of all congratulations to everyone who suceed in the cups. This was a good rivalry and I hope that everyone enjoyed it. So here are the pulpits:

Monday, 02/03

Football Manager 2009 | 14:35
MMC March 2009Are you an active player here in the FM 2009 section? Every month we will be rewarding the most active players through the Most Matches Competition. Check out whats the relevant ladder this month!

Sunday, 01/03

Football Manager 2009 | 21:12
FM09 9.3.0. patch will become official for esl matchesFM09 9.3.0. patch will become official for esl matches, so you have to play with this from 9th March.

Friday, 27/02

Football Manager 2009 | 22:59
FM 2009 Nations ChampionshipDear players, I'm here today to inform you that the most waited competition concerning Football Manager is about to begin! At this stage we are only informing you that the competition is ready to start and that you're be able to sign up

Tuesday, 10/02

Football Manager 2009 | 16:15
Clanwar Winter Cup PlayoffsI’m so glad that the Clanwar Winter Cup also represents its Playoffs. It contains the top2 teams from each group from Groupstage. It was a great rivalry for the Playoffs and the participating teams did very good work. Now everyone wants more, the 1st place of the Cup!

Saturday, 31/01

Football Manager 2009 | 22:11
1on1 Winter Cup presents the PlayoffThe Group Phase of our Winter Cup has been finished. So now it is the time for the Playoffs.

Sunday, 18/01

Football Manager 2009 | 18:48
Admins WantedThe Electronic Sports League needs you! To further advance our player relation partnership in 2009 we have the following positions available within our Electronic Sports League Football Manager 2009 Staff. Still interested? Read through our available positions and if you feel you fit a certain job, you see the Job Description and see the Requirements below.

Tuesday, 13/01

Football Manager 2009 | 00:26
Winter Cups: InformationsThe draws to our 3 Winter Cups (1on1, 2on2 and clanwar) have been made.

Monday, 29/12

Football Manager 2009 | 01:31
Winter CupsAfter the success of our Opening Cup where the things worked very well, we want you to get involved in our next competition. The Winter Cup will now take place so you can get even more inside Football Manager and test your skills against the best players. The signup is now open so hurry up and get ready to win the first comepetition of 2009.

Wednesday, 03/12

Football Manager 2009 | 00:29
MMC December 2008Are you an active player here in the FM 2009 section? Every month we will be rewarding the most active players through the Most Matches Competition. Check out whats the relevant ladder this month!

Friday, 28/11

Football Manager 2009 | 03:26
Opening CupThe games for the next ESL FM 2009 competition have been draw.

Sunday, 23/11

Football Manager 2009 | 20:16
Opening CupFM 2009 has been released in 14th November, but at the moment we only have our ladders.

Friday, 14/11

Football Manager 2009 | 21:45
Welcome FM 2009 !The new Football Manager 2009 went out today.

Thursday, 06/11

Football Manager 2009 | 22:34
Football Manager 2009 Demo OUT!After a long period waiting for news about the Football Manager 2009 game we can inform you that the Demo is out! Like in the last years the FM makers, Sports Interactive, show us two versions of the demo, the Vanilla and the Strawberry.
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