The Epsilon Cup
It´s time for the next cup in our Fourth Season. So here is the Epsilon Cup, which will be arranged on next Saturday (Nov 06.). It will be played in the modus DECK - 50 cards and will be open for up to 32 players. Please also don't forget to confirm your participation 30min before the cup will start!

The Epsilon Cup

Structure: 32 Players in Single Elimination
Server: ESL server
Winning Conditions: DECK
Cards in a Deck: 50 cards
Shuffle Limitation: UNLIMIT
Distance: best of one (bo1) - final + match for 3rd (bo3)
Start: Saturday, November 06th, 18:30 CET
(In your timezone: Sat, 06/11/10 18:30 CET)

Info & Details | Set of Rules

Signup now ...
(Signup is active until Sat, 06.11.10 18:00 CEST)


Also in this cup the best three players will get prizes. Here is the prizelist of this cup:
1st: Warhero (Event Card)
2nd: TreasureBox (Prize Card)
3rd: Premium (Prize Card)


The Admins for the Epsilon Cup are:
ID: Bitburger
ID: Furry00
ID: nery123

Important for all cups

Check-in system

All cups will be arranged with the Check-In system. So you have to confirm your sign-in 30min before the cup. In a timeperiode of 20min you can confirm your sign-in. After this you will be removed from the cup and your slot will be available for other users who can sign up in the last 10min.

For new Users

New to the Electronic Sports League?                

Have a look at the Gettingstarted Guide and find out about all basics of the ESL. In case you have questions feel free to post in our Fantasy Masters forum.

ESL Gameaccount for Fantasy Masters?                

For the FM section we use two game accounts, the FM login name and the FM account number. You can add both FM accounts in your Command Center.
You find your "FM Account Number" on the mainpage of gameis. You only have to login on this page. Now you see your account number on the left. For example


In case you have questions feel free to post in our Fantasy Masters forum. You can also visit us in our IRC channel #esl.fantasymasters (QuakeNet).

// your Admin Team
Furry00, Tuesday, 02/11/10 00:29
The Epsilon Cup
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