Winter League 2011 - Groups released
The sign ups of the Winter League 2011 are over and all in all we have ... players. These player will be splitted over 6 groups, where they have to fight for a slot of the "playoffs". We decided to add an extra division, because more than 24 players signed up for this event. Now the 1st and 2nd placed player will get a slot for the playoffs and also the four best 3rd placed players. Following here is the ranking of the groupstage:

Group A
Group B
LentejO derece
Mft Janeek
mjr eXtectiX
hazard Myrasz
Group C
Group D
Ekselans Sheiker
Krumble eNji
StrikeBang AlEkBG
Group E
Group F
Ripper507 K1Bee
Henry' J O K E R
s7efund Jar Jar
ISY boonhuhn

Please remember...

...that you have to play two times against your opponent and only score goals count. You are not allowed to play golden goal or penalties. If you've got a draw, you have to enter it into the match sheet as draw.


In this league we will have some match weeks, like in real leagues. You have to play within this time and if you can't agree on any dates, you have to play on default match date at 20 CEST, which is the last date of the stated match week. The playoffs starts on 30th January 2011 at 18 CEST. Here are the following match weeks:

  • Week 1: 10/01/11 - 12/01/11
  • Week 2: 13/01/11 - 16/01/11
  • Week 3: 17/01/11 - 19/01/11
  • Week 4: 20/01/11 - 23/01/11
  • Week 5: 24/01/11 - 26/01/11

  • Playoffs: 31/01/11 - 16/02/11


Beside of some premium prizes, you have the chance to win a rare award, the Winter League award. Only the winner of the Leugue will get this award and also some premium prizes.
As in all season cups, the winner will get some premium prizes, but that depends on the number of participants. If more players sign up, you have a higher chance to win more premium.

Your FIFA Online Admin Team
sheppard, Tuesday, 11/01/11 22:09
Winter League 2011
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hmm i am not from Hungary ;d
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sorry and it's fixed now :P
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